Saturday, November 27

Kate gets all the attention

I know Kate thinks Beth gets all the attention now, but if you look at the photographic evidence, Kate is getting way more attention than Beth.  I have yet to take a photo of Beth in her blessing dress.    I need to get on that.

Friday, November 12

I took a picture.  Someone printed it 48 feet by 14 feet.  You can see it on the side of the road by Cabela's.  I believe this is my largest print to date.

Tuesday, November 9

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

 Kate's favorite character is Muno.
 The Aquabats

 Kate's favorite part was when Biz Markie came out.  She screamed "BIZ!"
Erin made her this Muno shirt today.  Kate had no idea that we were going to see the show.  She was pretty excited.  We had a really good time.

Monday, November 8

Yo Gabba Gabba!

 Today the whole Yo Gabba Gabba gang was in Provo at Blickenstaff's toy store.  Kate got a surprise when they came walking through the door.  She didn't know why we were there, but she would have been happy just hanging out in that store all day.  They had loads of toys and candy!  I thought she might be shy and/or scared, but she did really well.  She really wanted to meet Muno.
Thanks to Colt for the heads up on the meet and greet.

Sunday, November 7


Beth is getting blessed today.  Thanks to everyone who is coming.

Thursday, November 4

my sunday girls

some shots weston took sunday afternoon:



we drove to richfield again this year for halloween.  it's definitely fun to see kate with all the colton cousins dressed up and begging for candy.  here are a smattering of photos weston took:

it was definitely the year for kate to be more aware of everyone in costume.  last year she jumped from trunk to trunk, said trick or treat and thank you, and was generally happy about the whole thing.  this year she was timid, a bit anxious, and unsure about all the questionable costumes.  she did, however, have no trouble spotting belle amongst the trick or treaters (how does she know belle when she's never seen beauty and the beast?)

scary uncle trent and the carrot 
(i really wish we had gotten a better photo of beth as carrot, but this is probably the best shot...  and because it was so cold out, she wore that sweet little hat (made by alpha) under her costume.)
 sophia the clown (weston wore this costume when he was a kid)
 beth the carrot : kate the bunny : sophie the clown : karli the kitty : ali the spider
i don't know where this kid was during the group photo, probably leaping some tall building somewhere : oliver the super baby
trick or treat!
see what i mean?  no smiles - just caution...

we had a good weekend with family and candy.  i woke up saturday morning sick and throwing up and kate rounded out the weekend sunday night by doing the same.  at least we can say it wasn't because of too much candy!