Tuesday, December 25

a little bit of our colton christmas

we started off the morning at 6:30 am. here is an early picture of the treeali (jess & trent's little girl) is just chilling with grandpababy sophia (annie & chad's baby girl) doing what she did best - sleepingshoes were the required gift of the year - everyone got at least one pair of new shoes for christmas. i came away with three pairs, weston with two, and even kate got a new pair. if you notice, it's her very first pair of dunks - just like daddy :)the rest of our christmas haul is packed in the car already so these are the only pictures we got - you can see where the priority is :) my parents went to denver to spend the holidays with the rest of my family. this ended up being a pretty sweet arrangement this year because we were able to spend all of our time and participate in all the activities that just one of our families was doing - instead of trying to split the little bit of time we get between both. hopefully the rest of our holiday seasons are as smooth! here's hoping new year's is just as fun :)

a family outing

we spent christmas eve afternoon doing what all close-knit families do ... shooting guns :) we went with weston's dad, chris, his sister, jessica, and brother -in-law, trent. we drove out to poverty flat, yes ... it really is called poverty flat. here is a shot of weston shooting a ruger .22 pistoland a .22 rifle
here i am shooting a .22 six shooter
chris, the master marksman, taught hunter's safety for 10 years, so we were all very safe and protected
here is a shot of trent and jessica
jess got too close to the scope on the 30-o6 and got hit in the forehead on the recoilhere is a picture of me shooting a .223 riflehere's the gangchris probably has more guns than weston has nikes ... any of you who know weston know what that's saying :)

Thursday, December 20

my good friend janna

i met janna probably about 5 years ago. we met on a double date and i probably thought i'd never see this girl again, you know how that goes. about 2 months later, i met janna again on another double date! (with the same guys) we worked together for a couple of years and really got to know each other and became excellent friends. she is this totally chill, totally down to earth girl that is just REAL. it's funny because both of our relationships (the ones we had when we first met that summer) are long gone ... but our friendship is still intact! :) i never get to see janna anymore because she lives in DC and it just happens to be quite a long ways from utah. so, we try really hard to get together when she's in utah for the holidays or for a quick summer trip to visit her family. this time i think it had been a year and a half since we last saw each other. we had a great night of catching up and getting in the necessary girl talk over some dinner. love you janna! you're the best! :)

oh, and don't mind my fakest of fake smiles - i'm not sure what i was thinking :)

Tuesday, December 18

walking in a winter wonderland ...

Monday, December 10

when did this happen?

when did i become afraid of everything? i swear i have turned into this wimpy, vulnerable-feeling person all of the sudden. we got a beautiful storm this weekend and the snow fell all afternoon on saturday - of course i missed most of the falling flakes because i slept through a couple of hours of it. yes, for those of you who know me, i actually managed to take a nap! it was a HUGE victory. anyway, weston had a christmas party for the photography department for school (who has holiday parties with their schoolmates? WEIRD). anyway, he was working all day on saturday in orem and i knew it would be easier if i drove to orem instead of him having to come back to get me, turn around and drive probably twice as far to get to the party. did i meet him halfway? nope. i was too nervous! when did i become too afraid to drive in the snow? i could replace "drive in the snow" with many things since becoming mrs. weston colton. "kill spiders" would be one of them for sure. needless to say, my darling husband told me to stay put and he would come get me, braving the horrible traffic and roads i might add, and we would turn around and trek back to provo together. on a side note, what usually takes 15 minutes (getting from orem to american fork) took him over 45 minutes with the conditions - OUCH. then he got to do it all over again with me in tow :) what a perfect man! i love you weston :)