Wednesday, September 12

beth's hack job

late one afternoon when the girls were quiet, i walked into the living room to see kate holding scissors and a chunk of her sisters' hair.  i think had i walked in seconds before, beth would still have her hair intact...

 kate played barber on baby sister
she knows she's in for it.

poor beth.  good thing hair grows, and fast when you have a little head!

Wednesday, September 5

kate's first day of preschool

how did this happen already?  kate is now a preschooler.  i have a kid in school?!  crazy times.  but she is so ready and so happy and so excited to learn and make a bunch of new friends.

beth, on the other hand, is not so happy about her big sister and best friend leaving her three times a week.  just wait til next year, beth!

 moon beam preschool with miss cathy
 her very own locker
have the best year, kiddo!  you can do and be anything you want!!