Friday, April 29

family night - field trip


a couple of mondays ago, we had family night.  we've been on a roll for 3 weeks now.  mom and dad might be proud.

anyway, this particular evening, we went back to uvu campus because weston's old co-worker called and told him his photo was hanging - so we drove over and checked it out.  see the image in the windows of the building?  pretty cool, eh?  i thought so.

we talked about alma the younger on our way over to uvu (kate's been watching a little bit of living scriptures) and got ice cream on the way home.  

easy peasy.

conference activity

this is old.  sorry.

plus, i already posted it on facebook.  double sorry.

still funny enough to put here, in my book.

here is what kate did to occupy herself in the basement while the adults watched conference.
i could be mad, but i wasn't.  funny, crazy girl.

Thursday, April 28

baby food

yep, that time came around again.  beth has been eating her solids for about a month now and she is doing great.  she loves to eat, that's for sure!!  i don't know how she is under the 3rd percentile for her weight...

because it's so easy and incredibly cheap (plus fun to do and i feel like i'm doing something healthy for her) i decided to make baby food again.  there are plenty of tutorials/step by step options online, plus there's not much to it, so i'll leave that out.  i made her a variety of options and she's working her way through all of them!

some of the foods
did i mention cheap?  for a meal for this girl (and she's an eater) it costs me all of about 8 cents... take that 50 cent jars!!!
kate finishing up her rice crispies

Wednesday, April 27

the girl's room: green wall

does anyone out there have their children share rooms?  i don't mean to sound pretentious ... that's the only way that question sounds.  we were just talking about this awhile ago and it seems like you don't hear about kids sharing rooms much anymore.  i'm sure i'm wrong... 

anyway, while they can fit, kate and beth will be sharing a room.  i wanted something visually interesting in their room and after searching online for ideas, i came across using tones of a color and blocking out a wall.
easy - tape it up and fill in.  i used 5 colors and bought the little sample size jars (if you look closely, you can see them on top of the dresser).  i had plenty of paint for a wall this size and the painting only took an hour or two - not bad.

kate with beth in a choke hold... oh boy.

Tuesday, April 26

the easter bunny found our new address...

since we have 9 o'clock church, there was no way we were going to do the easter egg hunt and make it to church on time.  so kate had to wait through 3 hours of church to get to her goodies - poor girl :)

kate and some of her loot
i'm sure i've posted this photo in comparison of beth and myself, but i thought the body positioning was uncanny, not to mention the shape of her head, face, nose, mouth...


after finding all the eggs

now pay attention, because she's telling us something very important about her pink egg...


just like halloween, you have to sort your eggs??

happy easter!!!

easter dress overload

here are the girls after church in their easter dresses.  i love sewing for two girls!!!

disclaimer: this post is chock-full of photos.  each is more or less the same unless you pay close attention to the stages of grumpiness on display.

we decided she looks like me in this one

 this is when kate started hitting beth on the head with those twigs... we had to move on

and lastly, here is the best sequence i've seen in a long time:

 my favorite - this may get printed and framed

and she's done...  

and so is this post :)

easter eggs

 kate was dying all morning to color eggs.  she kept asking and asking until finally we were ready.  i cooked the eggs but i swear one of them was defective - it just would not cook - no matter how long i left it on the stove.  don't worry - i kept very careful notice of that particular egg :)  enjoy the photos!

we did homemade dyes this year and i thought the colors turned out beautifully - great soft tones.  she rearranged her 6 eggs in this carton until they all had a new home :)

best nap ever


kate was watching movies on the computer (this is before we moved so i'm sure i was busy packing and ignoring my child).  she got so comfy that she passed out, apparently.  the great thing is, she had over a 2 hour nap - it was bliss!!!

Monday, April 25

bathroom prep

so here's what we did to our bathroom.  do you like it?

obviously i'm kidding.  this is what happened after the paint went on.  my parents were here helping us and they decided to start on the bathroom and knock it out quickly.  the previous owners had textured the walls (over the red) and then painted with that purpley color.  once our paint went on, the wall started to bubble out and the bubbles just got bigger and bigger.  apparently, when they mudded and textured, they didn't seal with anything - not even primer.  and when new paint went on over the purpley coat, the combination seemed to just melt the layer off.  so, everyone scraped and scraped and scraped some more, then came the sanding and washing.  once it was all done, my wonderful parents primed and painted and got it all cleaned up for us. 
 i kept telling my mom and dad "thank you for doing this" and my dad kept saying, "what, for coming in and ruining your bathroom?"  i was beyond glad they were here to help us figure out what to do - had it just been weston and myself, i might still be crying without a clue as to what was happening to my house :)  thank you again, parents!!!

Saturday, April 23

edit: kate's haircut

i had a couple comments about kate's haircut post, so i wanted to clarify... kate didn't find scissors to cut her curlers out. she RIPPED them out of her own hair - she ripped the curler out, hair still wrapped and all. that's why it makes me cringe... yikes little girl!

Friday, April 22

kate's haircut

it's my own fault.  i let kate sleep in her curlers (instead of having her wear them for a few hours in the morning) and when she woke up the next day, she came into my room missing a few.  my worst fear (upon seeing this) came true when we went to her bedroom and there were 4 curlers scattered across her bed, still wrapped with her little honey colored curls still intact.  it broke my heart.  still kind of does.  

so, not one to be afraid of haircuts, i got out the scissors and trimmed it up, trying to match up and give those thin spots time to catch up again.  she always holds so still for her haircuts and she was actually quite thrilled to have a fresh new 'do :)
here she is holding the ponytail - it was actually 3 inches long!
cute little girl.