Wednesday, October 28

FHE - Halloween Edition

Last Monday we went to the Bean Museum at BYU for their Halloween family night. My camera battery died shortly after we got there. I will get a better shot of Kate in her fish costume on Saturday.

Sunday, October 18

moomies? fun! (repeat)

here's what we did this weekend:

we took kate to see where the wild things are. okay, so we took kate along with us to see where the wild things are. she was really good, until about 60 minutes in. that's usually her breaking point. the rest of the time we spent shuffling her back and forth, standing in the aisle, distracting her with food, etc. still, she did really well. i only wish i was able to get a better grasp on the movie as a whole. i think i'd see it again, though. it was one of those movies where, at the time, i was kind of bored (storyline-wise, not visually) and felt like it was moving really slowly. in hindsight, however, i wonder if a bit of my "boredom" came from regular interruptions via kate...

so, i'd see it again. much like we (weston and i) saw this again tonight:
via the "sticky shoe" as we locals like to call it. you're a true af-ite (???) if you can call it the "sticky shoe" not bad for $1.50 a pop! brought me quite a few good laughs and an even better cry :)

ahh, harry. i love ya!

oh, and the title of this post comes directly from the mouth of kate - it's something she likes to tell me at least once every day, for the last month...

Tuesday, October 13

quick trip

A friend of ours recently lost her husband (as Erin posted earlier). We made a very quick trip out to Sacramento to attend the memorial service. The memorial was really good. The speakers all shared really good thoughts about the deceased. Erin might have more to share about it. I don't know...
I shot a bunch of photos on the drive out and back... I even managed to get us in a couple of them.

We left at 5:30 a.m. Sunday, and managed to get across the Salt Flats before sunrise.

This is on the west side of the Sierra Nevadas. Those mountains are amazing.

The Sacramento LDS Temple. The memorial service was held at a chapel right next to the temple.
We got to eat at Erin's childhood pizza joint, Round Table Pizza in Elko, NV.

Wednesday, October 7

life lost #2

remember this?

i'm so sorry for another friend dealing with the same horrible experience. the plea is the same for you, friend:

please lean on me and i love you.

Tuesday, October 6

girl's day out

we met for the early bird dinner tonight :) we hadn't had this original group of ladies together in several years. it was so much fun to catch up with each of you and talk kids, husbands, work, etc.
the kids had a great time throwing rocks when we finished eating.
and kate had some quality daddy-daughter time tonight when i went to my yw activity.... say it with me, "awww"

hogle zoo

a week or so ago, jessica invited us to go to the zoo with her, trent, ali, karli, and dennyce. weston was finished working that afternoon, so he joined us as well. this was the first time kate and i had been to hogle zoo. checking out the prairie dogs - as you can see, kate wasn't really feeling the small space
oh the wonder of discovery - i love this stage she's in ... it's so much fun watching her face light up at something new
little old monkey
cute karli
walking with grandma
jess & karli - look at the expression on karli's face - pure trent! i love it :)
the elephants (the baby was SO cute!)
riding the rhino
yay ali!
the giraffes - the baby was so cute here, too
i just love this little one!