Thursday, July 31

Monroe - Part 2

We went by my parents' house before we left town Sunday night. I got a little camera happy and went to town on Kate and my dad.

Kate and Grandma Cottle - Kate likes meal time.Kate with Grandma and Grandpa Colton
Kate was having a ball with Grandpa Colton.

Kate has blue eye genes coming in from ALL her grandparents and parents...any resemblance?

My dad, Chris Colton.
Kate was wondering what was going on with the toy that ran away.
This my mom's Yorkie, Penelope. She really is THIS small. She is full grown

Monday, July 28

Golfing in Richfield...more to come from the weekend

Grandpa Cottle with Kate.
We're Nikon all the way in this familyErin managed to capture my baseball-esque golf swing. Are you supposed to bend your knees?
Joe has a proper swing. I guess you bend your knees a bit, but not like I do.
Spencer played quite well too. In fact, he beat me this round.
Must have been a good hole...Erin looks happy.

Sunday, July 20

latest project

i have been wanting to redo our bedding for awhile now. it's not that i was sick of our old bedding - my mom made our duvet out of our table runners from our reception. it was gorgeous and i loved it. the silk was getting worn and had torn quite a bit along the top, so it was time for a little makeover. plus, i'm getting sick of having red in every room - not that there's much red in here, but i'm trying to phase it out bit by bit (from every room). yesterday my parents were in town and my mom and i did a bit of shopping in the afternoon. i got a new extra set of sheets and got inspired :) i went to joann after they left town and took advantage of their sale on home dec fabrics. i got the material for the duvet (b/w) and got started. it only took (only!) about 5 hours :) i got it completely finished in one sitting - but only because i put kate down for a much needed REAL nap (cat naps in the car all day long don't really add up to much, or count for much). she slept for the rest of the night. i couldn't believe it when i finished up and she was still sound asleep. thanks baby! :)

i'm itching to recover our couches - don't expect to see any posting about that for awhile - if ever. the idea sounds fun, but i'm sure i'm not exactly up for it. i think i get the "redo-bug" every summer :) we'll only be in our apartment for another year and i'm (again) thinking of revamping the kitchen - which i will not be doing, but the thoughts are swimming in my head :)

anyway, what do you think?

Monday, July 14

Sunday Walk

This afternoon we went out for a little afternoon walk at a park in Cedar Hills. The trail was nice, and mostly shaded. Kate seemed to like it. I used to take shots like this (above) on my mission where I would set the timer and put the camera on the ground. Like this epic photo (below) returning home from the grocery store on preparation day in Miami. I was out about 6 months here.
If you stick your tongue out at Kate, this what you will most likely get in return. What am I teaching this kid?

This how Kate likes to roll. "Laid back..." Snoop Dog.
And finally, I just had to take a picture of Kate's adorable "Sunday best." (She did make it to church with shoes).

Friday, July 11

just call me baby betty

baby betty crocker, that is.i took on the task of making baby food for kate. i was impressed with just how easy it all was. all it took was some fresh fruits and veggies, a food processor, a few ice cube trays, ziploc bags & a sharpie, and an hour or 2 of your time = about 1/4 the cost of buying those jars of baby food. i figure i have enough food for about 45-50 meals for kate and it cost me all of about $6.
a couple of cubes is about the same amount as a small jar and it cost me 12 cents instead of 50 cents! sarah, i think you'd be proud of me.
i'm for sure doing this from now on. i can spend a couple of hours to make enough food for over a month . . . so easy and for once, i didn't burn it!

Thursday, July 10

Small Paul

I won a photo contest a couple weeks ago for a skateshop in St. George called Soho ( My friend Zack and his girlfriend Tara run it, (which had nothing to do with me winning). Anyway...I won this sweet onesie for Kate. It is from Paul Frank's line for babies called Small Paul. Isn't that cute? The sweet red velvet shoes were Erin's when she was a baby.
Thanks Zack and Tara!

Saturday, July 5

independence day

we hadn't planned to go to richfield for the 4th, but we got up early friday morning to make the drive.
we got to central around 11:30 for their central town gathering (i have no idea if it has a name). we had a little family reunion now that the rest of weston's family lives there - so kate got to see her 2 cousins again.
here we are in line for our food, well the girls are in line anyway.
this was one of the best burgers i've ever had - it was cooked perfectly for my taste.
kate's "accessories"
aunt jessie with kate and a boy intruder in the background . . . there were several of these throughout the afternoon!kate's matchy-matchy cousins . . . i guess we didn't get the memokate with grandma colton
with mamahot stuff weston, as per usualand another treat for the day - the cartwrights came over to my parents house in the late afternoon. this is kristi's oldest - marlys. we have the same birthday :) and this is the first time she would look at me - since she was born. there are a lot of advantages to having a baby :)

happy 4th!

yw camp 2008

well, i'm no longer any kind of yw camp leader, so i shoved myself into it somehow :) being the secretary affords me the opportunity to at least participate a bit, so i took full advantage. i had planned to go for the day on thursday (last full day at camp) but after work tuesday afternoon, i couldn't resist the urge to drive (only about 45 minutes) to see those chicas. we pulled in just in time for my favorite camp meal - cafe rio salads! kate did amazingly up there :)
what would girls camp be without a mailbox for all those fun notes and secret sister letters to each other everyday?or silly games? this one involved a lot of martial arts "moves" and a whole lot of "hiy-yah!"s
the ceremonial presenting of the secret sister gifts. i think our ward does it the best - you have to make a gift for your secret sister at camp after watching her and getting to know her for a week. it's always a HIGHLIGHT of yw camp each year.hollie (camp director) drew out her daughter's name this year . . . awwww! :)here is the awards ceremony. hollie is presenting jessie with the "rocky road" award. this girl endured quite a bit this year, including a trip to the ER after a serious reaction to a mystery bug's bite (at least the doctors ruled out a black widow and a brown recluse). you rock, jessie!
and what in the world would yw camp be without the silliest of songs, including actions of course. i'm just sorry i didn't get pictures or any video of the penguin or banana songs.kate was a trooper for coming with me all day on thursday. she was being so cute that evening and squealing up a storm. it would have been nice if she didn't feel the need to be a chatterbox during testimony meeting, but in hindsight, it could have been a lot worse :) kate was technically at girl's camp last year too - she's a second year! :)
thanks to the girls for letting me invade on their time and experiences at camp - it's my favorite part of the summer!