Wednesday, March 26

kate's friends

so here's a short video of kate looking up at her mobile - i guess i didn't get a shot of it, but it's got 4 different animals. she LOVES it. she will instantly smile and coo once she makes eye contact with them up there and she gets her body moving like she's trying to ride a bike! it's pretty funny when she's going all crazy :)

Tuesday, March 25

kate's first time golfing

so i thought this was a no-brainer. sure you can take a 6 1/2 week old golfing on a windy march day, sure! why not!? we lasted (kate and i) about 4 holes - and it was a nightmare ... for both of us :) she did NOT like something about it - or perhaps several things! i changed her diaper on the 4th hole, which provided temporary (and i do mean TEMPORARY) relief. about 1 minute later, she was screaming all over again and inconsolable :) megan (my niece) and i took kate back to the car to wait out the rest of the game. wouldn't you know it - as SOON as i sat kate in my lap in the car, she was ALL smiles and coos. what a stinker! she just kept grinning and grinning over and over again. little punk :) after about 15 minutes or so, i took megan to the bathroom and decided since kate enjoyed being outside for that short walk from the car to the clubhouse, maybe we could try going back to join the game. she was a champ! everyone took turns holding her when it was my turn to play. we finished the last 2 holes with everyone else :)

here she is with grandpa
and here she is with grandma - i think she had fallen asleep by this point. maybe all those "voice lessons," as i call them, wore her out :)

Monday, March 24

weston's blog

I actually updated my photo blog...go check it out if you want to see a bit of what I have been shooting lately, including photos from San Francisco.
Go here:

p.s. there are no baby pictures. (sorry).

Sunday, March 23

cute picture

for some reason, i have wanted to take this picture for WEEKS! i just love this moment of every day - when her onesie is stuck around her head for that brief second. i think it's so cute :)

easter weekend

i wasn't planning on going to monroe for easter weekend - but here i am. my brother (travis) and his family were coming to monroe for spring break and because i no longer work on mondays (yay!) i asked weston when he thought i should go down for a visit. he suggested i go friday and come back monday because it would give him some time to get some photo work done for school. so, i packed up and headed out of town. we have spent the weekend just relaxing and eating - what else :) we all had lunch at the dairy on saturday and jen, my mom, and i spent the rest of the afternoon shopping in richfield. in between our shopping excursion, my mom had a doctor's appointment in monroe, so we drove back there and jen and i waited for her to finish before turning back around to go to richfield again :) (only about a 10 minute drive). the reason i bring this up is because the doctor and his wife live in an old monroe home (his office is in the home) and they have spent the last 12 years restoring and working on the home. his wife offered us a tour of the place and it was GORGEOUS. i fell in love. if it weren't so much work and time and WORK to restore, i would definitely want to do the same thing. maybe in 35 years :) sadly - no pictures.
here is a picture of kate - i just thought it was pretty cute :) my dad took it. pay close attention to her shirt - she's a blindside girl ;)
here are the kids (megan, kali, and drew - with jen hiding in the background) coloring their eggs. the funny thing is that they colored 4 dozen eggs. well, after they left them for the easter bunny to hide, the hunt was on. sunday afternoon they started hunting all their eggs. it didn't take long before one dropped on the entryway floor. yeah ... NOT cooked :) after discussing who cooked eggs and how many they cooked (jen and 2 dozen) we realized they colored 2 dozen raw eggs along with the 2 dozen she cooked. the hunt for eggs, raw and boiled, ensued. the kids found every last one - we hope!
here is kate on easter after church. it was her first sunday she got to go to church! she was a hit - all the ladies wanted to hold her in relief society but they had to fight my mom off first :)
here is kate with her easter bunny haul :) pretty much the candy is for dad, the bunny is for kate, and the picture is proof that we celebrated her first easter :) look at those pink tights - they are HUGE on her! my mom said they looked like elephant skin :) haha. she's got plenty of time to grow into them!

Thursday, March 20

bath time

Kate has decided that she likes a nice warm bath. This is awesome, since every sponge bath we gave her was a scream...literally. I'm not sure what got her going here.

a HUGE shout-out and thank you to jill for the bathtub - it was a miracle worker when it came to her LIKING bathtime :) thanks!

Wednesday, March 19

some smiles

kate is smiling all the time now - it pretty much melts your heart :) i'll come clean now - i used to think it was annoying when you'd go hang out with friends or family who just had a new baby and their life completely dissolved to revolve around the child. it's like you'd go over to play games or watch a movie and you'd never end up doing that at all - you'd just sit around on the living room couches and watch the baby pretty much lay there and occasionally spit up or something "cute". wow - i sound like a complete brat - but like i said, i'm coming clean. i now have to admit that i've become that parent. i now sit around and watch every move my daughter makes and it fascinates me. i think of taking pictures of everything from her first fingernail clippings to her first tear - i think about the pictures, i don't actually take half of them :) here are a sampling of kate this morning and her cute smile, followed by (what else) a couple of sneezes. she's pretty much a doll :) who would have thought i'd love having a little girl so much! :)

she is SUCH a weston-clone in this first picture!

and the sneezes - definitely a colton baby :)

Monday, March 17

sneezes and sweet nothings

so here is my attempt at recording some "video" of kate on my camera. next time i'll hopefully get it lined up right. for now, this will have to work. isn't she just adorable? :)

weston's mini-me

so i think kate pretty much looks JUST LIKE WESTON. i honestly don't see much of me in her ... YET :) that will come with the teenage years and her attitude :)

here is a picture of weston

and here is a picture of kate

here is another of weston

and another of kate

even my own mother thinks she looks just like weston - i have to completely agree. but i think he's pretty good looking, so it's fine by me :)

a major milestone ... or two

so it finally happened. kate had her first blowout :) followed by her second a day later. don't worry - there are no accompanying pictures to go with this post - but i just thought i'd share the milestone with any readers out there :) oh, and weston missed them both (first up the back and out the side and second up the front ... up the front?). he was in san francisco for 5 days last week - punk.

Sunday, March 9

weston's birthday video

i was finally able to upload the video i was trying to get for weston's birthday. it's a few minutes long, but totally worth it :) enjoy!

Wednesday, March 5

happy birthday weston!

today is weston's birthday - he's 28 :) we are the same age now for 6 months (kind of). i tried and tried to get some video on here showcasing my fabulous husband through the years ... i'll keep working on it to see if i can't get a copy on my computer somehow.

for now, here are 28 reasons i love weston:

1-i love his sweet blue eyes
2-i love his gentle demeanor
3-i love hearing his voice over the phone
4-i love his passion for photography
5-i love his sense of style
6-i love him for his annoying shoe addiction :)
7-i love him for the way he will eat whatever i cook - even if he hates it
8-i love his lips
9-i love the way he holds his daughter
10-i love his integrity
11-i love his commitment
12-i love him for taking me to the temple - and for taking me back
12-i love watching him teach primary
13-i love his kindness
14-i love his willingness to do whatever to make me happy
15-i love his crooked smile
16-i love that we are high school sweethearts :)
17-i love his love for family
18-i love him for his patience
19-i love the way he looks at me
20-i love his tender heart
21-i love his sweet skateboarding skills :)
22-i love his brain - the man is so smart
23-i love his big laughs
24-i love his love for the gospel
25-i love his testimony
26-i love when he calls me and kate "love"
27-i love that i knew during our first dance that i would love him forever
28-i love the lessons he taught me and the things we helped each other learn

so there's the "short" list of why i love my husband. he's simply the best!

happy birthday weston!

Monday, March 3

quilt from "aunt" shireen!

so i have been waiting for this proverbial quilt for years - not that i was waiting to have a baby for years, but i knew that when we had a baby, a fabulous quilt from shireen would be on the way :) here is the masterpiece - shireen you are so awesome and you do AMAZING work!!! thank you so much for the quilt and i KNOW it will probably be kate's favorite - especially when she gets bigger and realizes how COOL it is :) we LOVE it! you are the best!

Sunday, March 2

Great Grandpa Colton

Today we went and saw my Grandpa Colton. I hadn't been to his house in quite a while. I wanted to take some photos of him and some of him with his great-granddaughter Kate. My grandpa told us that his grandmother's name was Kate. We were excited to find out that we had unknowingly used a family name. My grandpa's name is Miles, as is my father's. When we have a boy, we are going to name him Miles Weston Colton. Hopefully that doesn't jinx us to having all girls. Do you see any resemblance? Now I just need my dad in this picture.
My grandpa is 82 years old. He told me he has lived in this house since 1953, and it cost him $13,000 brand new.

Saturday, March 1

beanie baby

Right after a baby is born they throw a little beanie on it. This is after they clean it off a little, but before the actual first bath. They then take this beanie and throw it in the trash. I managed to grab the hospital beanie and put it in my pocket before they could throw it out. This is that beanie. I had to shoot some photos of Kate with her trendy back sagging beanie. She is a hipster already. She just needs some skinny jeans, a vest or cardigan, and some random necklaces, and she is set.

tea party

today dennyce invited me to a tea party with the grandmas and the girls :) jess and annie went to a meeting all day for school so we got all the cousins together and made a girly day of it :) elaine (weston's grandma), dennyce (weston's mom), and i ate lunch while we talked and played with the girls. last night, we went out to dinner and annie made a comment about the three girls and how kate was half the size of sophie, who was half the size of ali :) here is the best picture i could get to document this momentous occasion of the weights :)

daddy's girl

here is an adorable moment i caught the other night. kate was not feeling mom :) if she was fussy, dad could calm her down. if dad passed her to me, it was like you could hear her whining, "not her again! i've been with her all day!!!" :)

weston woke up when i took the picture so here is another :) look how passed out kate is! her arm is just dead and hanging there - but i like to pretend she's hugging daddy :)

kate: 3 weeks 2 days

here are a few shots of kate from tonight. she is still a tiny little thing but is growing little by little every day. we think she's pretty stinking cute :)