Thursday, July 11

july 4th 2013

 again, we spent this fourth of july in monroe with our families and the usual festivities.
 the girls loved the parade, beth finally got the concept of chasing down candy :)
miles was cute and cuddly and we all had a good time.  my brother, travis, and his daughter, megan, were in town so they joined us all day.

after the parade, we all went over to central for the town lunch on the park.
 the girls raced in their age groups, but i think beth got overwhelmed or scared, or both, and sort of froze up until the race was over.  then she charged her way over to me ;)

they had a huge slip and slide again this year and kate had the time of her life.  she was totally upset when it was time to leave!  beth, on the other hand, wouldn't go near it because of the constant sprinkling of water (to keep the whole thing wet)

shhhh...... but i think i scarred her for life (or for a year or so) by giving her cold showers every time she pooped her pants... ooops, sorry babe!!

couldn't be the fourth (or twenty fourth) without an afternoon golf game!  i know i'm always the one taking these pictures, but you better believe i'm out there playing, too!!

we ended the night back in richfield for fireworks.  we met with weston's family at the rotary park and let the kids run crazy with glow in the dark stuff.  i don't even know how much of the show they paid attention to, to be honest!

it was just as well - it was a looooong fireworks show.  towards the very end, the rain clouds rolled in and started a small storm.  i have to admit, i took the opportunity to end the night, be done watching fireworks, and head home ;)

Tuesday, July 9

summer babies . summer quilts

this was a crazy busy summer with new babies!  and i still have another stack of fabrics waiting to be worked on!

this was a quilt for baby girl eliza gray.  she lives in SF and she's a beauty.
then i got to work on a fun, sherbet quilt for my new niece, norah cottle.

i love the honeycomb on the back... or is that the front?  can't tell ;)

 triangle quilting

next up?  quilt for my new nephew, jonas hunt.  i have been loving stripes and lines and just geometric inspirations.

more triangle quilting

this last quilt is for baby girl riskas who will make her debut in late september.  
the baby shower was early, so this quilt came early.  i love it.  
this was one of those quilts that was hard to wrap up and give away ;)

better get busy on the next round!

Wednesday, July 3

meet the ivie's

congratulations to my sister and her new husband, jeremy!
they got married on a gorgeous june 29th in the manti temple.
that makes everyone for weston's (him and his 2 sisters) family getting married in manti :)
jessica wore her mom's dress and had my mom update it a bit by cutting off the long sleeves and cutting out the high neckline.  it is gorgeous!
 karli couldn't have been happier!  what a doll

 i'm so incredibly happy for this little family.  jeremy seems to be the perfect fit for jessica, and i'm positive she's the perfect fit for him ;)  
 they both deserve all the happiness that comes from this day!
oh, and i made this cute dress to have something new to wear ;)