Tuesday, July 9

summer babies . summer quilts

this was a crazy busy summer with new babies!  and i still have another stack of fabrics waiting to be worked on!

this was a quilt for baby girl eliza gray.  she lives in SF and she's a beauty.
then i got to work on a fun, sherbet quilt for my new niece, norah cottle.

i love the honeycomb on the back... or is that the front?  can't tell ;)

 triangle quilting

next up?  quilt for my new nephew, jonas hunt.  i have been loving stripes and lines and just geometric inspirations.

more triangle quilting

this last quilt is for baby girl riskas who will make her debut in late september.  
the baby shower was early, so this quilt came early.  i love it.  
this was one of those quilts that was hard to wrap up and give away ;)

better get busy on the next round!

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