Sunday, September 30

the necessary evil that is a car

So cars suck. Both of our cars are due for registration in September - that stinks. This year both cars required a safety inspection so Weston took them both in on the 26th. Wouldn't you know it, they both failed. We kind of feel like we get nailed on the dumbest safety regulations - last year Weston had to peel off the tint in his car because it was deemed too dark ... whatever. This year, my car didn't pass because I need a new windshield, which "somehow" passed during the last inspection (it's been cracked for over 2 years). My car also failed because the horn wasn't loud enough. LAME. Weston's car had legitimate issues that needed to be resolved. His rear brakes had to get fixed and he has a leak in his power steering - we'll find out in the morning if that's all fixed and how much it will set us back. We're crossing our fingers that the power steering fix is the cheaper of 2 options (not the option that will cost $600+). Since my car needed a new horn, we picked one up for $15 over the weekend and Weston installed it tonight. If any of you know Weston, he will be the first one to say he's not "handy." I have come to realize he is a lot more of a handyman than he gives himself credit for. He has fixed/jerry-rigged (semantics) plenty of things around our home. For proof, I took pictures of him being a mechanic :)And here's a picture of the beautiful new horn

Tuesday, September 25


These are my mom's new Yorkie pups. There is a boy and a girl. The girl is extremely tiny. They are 8 weeks old and she is putting them up for sale this week if anyone is interested.

birthday weekend

This last weekend was packed. Annie (Weston's younger sister) had a baby shower in Monroe on the 22nd (her birthday). I went with Annie & Chad Friday night to Monroe. Saturday, I spent the morning with my mom shopping for more baby goods. Here are some of the things we bought plus a few gifts. That afternoon we went to Annie's shower. She got a lot of really cute things for baby Sophia (who is due in mid-November). Weston drove down after work that evening and we went out for the annual combined birthday dinner with Weston's family to celebrate Annie's and my birthday. I got this amazing stroller (thanks parents!)
and my very own set of golf clubs! For girls! :) I'm super excited to get out and use them - even if I make a fool out of myself ... what can you do?
And, because many have asked ... here I am at 5 1/2 months pregnant. Crazy!

Tuesday, September 18

"already spoiled"

That's what Weston said after we went on our first shopping excursion for Kate. Here are the goods.

the results are in ...

So there is NOTHING between those legs (look for the arrow) - it's a girl :) Despite Weston's attempts, we did not manage to avoid "girl season" - but we're both very excited. So we'd like to introduce you all to Kate Colton.

Here is a picture of her cute foot.
And, last but not least, the cutest profile I've ever seen :) I just love her adorable button nose and cute lips - now we just have to wait for the next 5 months to see what she really looks like.

Friday, September 7

Labor Day weekend

Well, I didn't take any pictures this weekend, but here's a quick rundown of what we did: Friday night we went to help Cory and Danae pack up their moving truck - but we showed up a bit late :) Weston pretty much helped Cory load the TV onto the truck, and that was it :) But we were able to help them transport a few odds and ends and boxes that night to their new home. Saturday, Weston worked until 4 so I got things cleaned up around the house and did some laundry before I went to pick him up in Orem. When we got to Richfield, we met Weston's family for dinner at South China! Yum! We spent a few hours at his parents' house that night then went to my parents'. Sunday was the usual - we went to church with my mom and dad and then Weston did a family picture shoot with Jess & Trent & Ali. We spent that evening with my family and I made chocolate sauce :) Monday morning we got up bright and early to play 9 holes with my parents. I had a rough morning, but by the 9th hole I had hit the delirious stage and was just giggling at everything that happened - like my mom teeing off about 5 times :) Maybe you had to be there :) We went to 2 barbecues that afternoon/evening and then said our goodbyes. It was a nice relaxing few days and it was fun to be around our families and friends.


A couple weeks ago, Cory invited Weston to play on his softball team to fill an empty spot. I'm sure Weston was a little nervous, although maybe he wouldn't admit that to anyone, because he hasn't played baseball, let alone softball, in well over 4 or 5 years. I told him it would be like riding a bike and that his natural athleticism would spring back into action :) He had a really good time and I loved watching him play again. That was my favorite sport to watch him play in high school - the only one I could understand! Here is a shot of Weston at bat. Here is Cory getting another good hit, too. Here is an adorable shot of Zoe at the game. What a cutie :)