Monday, October 29

girl's night

okay, so it technically wasn't girls NIGHT - we met for lunch on saturday. and our girl's group is dwindling down to just three of us! the girls all met at wirthlinworldwide/harris interactive and we started out as a group of probably 7 or so. as one by one we each quit or moved, it has gotten harder to keep in touch. so saturday it was just me, michelle, and erin g. we dined at olive garden and had a good couple hours of catching up. our waiter was odd - in fact, that's what his nametag said - odd. whatever :) he was a character though - told us all about his days in the theater and he even did a dramatic reading for us of the three soups on the menu. i told the girls i felt like i was on a tour bus! the food was good and the conversation was great. stacy and jen, you'll have to join us next time and shireen, if you're ever in town, we have to do it again :) emily will be home from her mission in march, so we'll have to get together with her, for sure. we had a picture taken by odd, but apparently he didn't know how to work a camera very well as we were completely out of focus and super blurry - not really worth posting :) anyway, it was a great afternoon and it always makes me realize how lucky i am to have such good friends! :) love all you girls!

Saturday, October 27

quilt for ruby

here is the quilt i made for baby ruby. congratulations michelle and steve! she's going to be gorgeous!

Monday, October 22


This is going to be interesting...I am going to put my iPod on shuffle and post the first ten songs that come up. By interesting I could mean embarrassing. Here goes...

1-Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (BBC Rip)
Everyone's favorite French duo. This should come as no surprise. I have like 10 remixes of this song. This is not the best of them.

2-Garden - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
I don't know much about this band. I just got this from a blog. Good mellow indie rock.

3-Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring by the Sea (Blamma Red Shoes Mix)
Another blog song. I know nothing about the band and barely recognize the song.

4-New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream
Great song by a great band. This is the original (I have a number of remixes of this song as well). The UK is bulging with talent.

5-Chromeo - You're So Gansta (Album Version)
Chromeo is rad. This from their first album. If you watched MTV a couple weeks back, you couldn't have missed the blatant marketing and promotion of their new album. They are in some sort of cahoots with MTV. The new album is good, nonetheless.

6-Brice Lee - Spam (YUKSEK Remix)
I downloaded this with a compilation. I don't know a thing about the band. Good indie electro.

7-Midnight Juggernauts - From the Deep
This is one of the sickest albums to come out this year. These guys are from Australia and I have been waiting for over a year for a full length to drop. If you like dance/electro/indie in the likes of Cut Copy, you must check out the new album DYSTOPIA.

8-DJ Paul V - Justice Megamix
This guy made a 30 minute mix of a bunch of Justice songs. It's coming straight out of the club. (Erin doesn't even know who I am anymore, at least that is what she keeps telling me).

9-Muscles - Ice Cream
Another song called ICE another dance friendly band called Muscles. These guys are good. This song reminds me a lot of LCD Soundsystem...actually the whole album does.

10-Kings of Leon - Waste of Time
I was wondering if any rock songs were going to pop up on this. I do still listen to a lot of rock music...however there is a ton of dance/electro/mash up/remix stuff.

There you have it. I want to do this again.

Wednesday, October 17

nursery additions

here are a couple of the projects i've worked on lately. i'm exhausted :) first is the K - i needed something for the window, and decided this would be a good fit. here is the finished product! the crib is finally painted, the bumpers and crib skirt have been made (thank you very much) and it's all in place and looks pretty cute :)

oh! one more thing!

last night was momentous! weston felt kate kick! she has been moving around a LOT lately - it's crazy how active she is (yes, i realize probably just the same as any other baby but let me brag:) haha) he has been spending the last few weeks with his hand or cheek on my belly and will wait and wait for her to kick him, but to no avail. last night we were watching tv and i was looking down to see if i could actually see my belly move or wiggle and she was totally making it rumble. he started watching for it and got bored, so he put his hand on and after a few seconds he said, was that her? it totally was :) it was so cool for him to finally feel her move. as the ones carrying the babies, we ladies get to feel them weeks sooner than the men - poor guys :) i think every little milestone like this makes it a little more real for him. yay!

erin's ipod - first ten on shuffle

here's how you play:

set your ipod to shuffle and then write down the first 10 songs that play - NO CHEATING to be MORE cool or LESS embarrassing! a good commentary is always appreciated :)

1 - Forgive & Forget, Get Up Kids
i love GUK, just love them. they're one of those bands i hardly ever listen to anymore but everytime i do, the songs just take me back to those crazy years. i love the way music just transforms the moment
2 - Damn Girl, Justin Timberlake
courtesy of weston - yes, he's a JT fan, who knew. i like a few songs, but this one does not strike my fancy at all ...
3 - California, Phantom Planet
i LOVE LOVE LOVE the o.c. and this is the theme song so again, this song just takes me right back to the pilot episode and watching sweet ryan atwood try to be so tough and ride his little bmx around chino looking for a place to crash :) then super cool sandy cohen drives up and rescues the kid :) i just love it! funny story, last time we were in california this summer, we were driving north on the 101 into laguna beach and i had control of the music so we were listening to my uber-o.c. mix and we had the windows down. embarrassingly enough, this song comes on at a pretty high volume and we both jumped for the ipod to change the song because we didn't want people thinking we were just those annoying tourists who were IN california and blasting this california song at full volume with our windows down on coast highway :)
4 - Little Drummer Boy, Bright Eyes
so this is a christmas song :) i love bright eyes though, and it's another one that i never listen to - but when i do it just reminds me of weston and the few years after he got home from his mission, love that. back to the christmas theme though, i will completely admit that, even though it is mid-october, for the last 4 days i have been willing myself not to play my christmas playlist - "just wait until at LEAST november starts!" haha
5 - Queen of Apology, The Sounds
so i really like this song and the sounds. i'm so dumb and stubborn about some things, music being one of them. if weston gets some new album or new band, he'll say "you'll love this" immediately i shut off all options to liking the cd :) SO DUMB! so now he just tells me, "you're going to HATE this, but I like it" anyway, this is how it went for me and the sounds. i couldn't take all the hype :) and it was one of those things that i will deny forever but secretly think it's the coolest. i did that with the movie 300 ... acted COMPLETELY bored and disgusted with that movie, but inside i was thinking it was the coolest :) it only took me about 6 months to finally admit that to weston, haha :)
6 - I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor, Arctic Monkeys
weston loads up my ipod with new stuff he finds and some of it i listen to and some of it i don't even know it's there, i'll be honest :) the good thing about his collection is i can always find something "beaty" to walk to, and it gives me ammunition for more teasing :) haha
7 - From Point A to Point B, Modest Mouse
this is a band that my little brother has been trying to get me into for years. i used to think MM was too random and all over the place and you couldn't really follow their music, but then one day it just grew on me. again, i'm thinking it has to do with the "taking you back" thing. i think i equate a lot of emotion with music! :)
8 - Bad Sects, Cursive
cursive is cool - what else can you say. this is another band that took me some time to come around on, mostly while weston was on his mission. honestly, i think i gave it more of a chance because i was missing him and it reminded me of him :) but they keep coming out with good stuff and a side project, the good life, is super good.
9 - The Park, Feist
i am in love with feist. i just love her. she's definitely one of my favorite artists and i could listen to her all the time. it's always annoying when you hear one of your favorites on commercials, though. oh well, more success to the artist, i guess. she's just got a distinct sound and smooth vocals - just love her!
10 - The Spoils of the Spoiled, The New Amsterdams
another great one! i love this band, they're awesome. funny - you never know what you'll get on shuffle - a lot of my old favorites popped up this morning. i just love this band for their almost acousticness and chill themes. excellent song.

what's your first ten??? inquiring minds want to know!

Tuesday, October 16

24 week appointment

really it's 25 weeks but who's counting besides weston and me :) i went and got checked out this afternoon and everything looks great. kate's heartbeat was a healthy 150 bpm and my blood pressure was in good shape, as well. hey, when that scale rises each time, i have to be able to feel good about SOMETHING - hence the blood pressure plug :) i've also reached the milestone known as the gestational diabetes test! oh boy am i excited to down that drink everyone says is so disgusting. hopefully it will come back negative and i won't have a thing to worry about. i've been working on her crib and bedding so hopefully i'll have some cute pictures to post soon. oh, and my to-do list yesterday? yeah, i kind of didn't do ANYTHING on it except the fun stuff :) i got fabric for those quilts! oh and let's be honest, i did have that ice cream. but i have a REALLY good excuse - it helps so much with my acid reflux, so i feel better about it :) so tonight when i get home from work, laundry and dishes come before any 90210 reruns :) then we'll see about that dust ruffle ...

Sunday, October 14

Tagged by Kristi

5 things I was doing 10 years ago: I was 18 and in my freshman year at UVSC
1-living with Kimberly at Branbury, thinking we were pretty much the coolest
2-spending hours on the phone with Weston
3-getting on the Dean's list - just the first year :) what does that say about Freshman?
4-working at an ice cream parlor scooping ice cream 20+ hours a week (and losing 15 pounds)
5-fighting with my mom every time i saw her :) glad that's over :)

5 things on my "to-do" list tomorrow:
1-make a dust ruffle for the crib
4-pick out material for 2 new baby quilts for friends
5-try not to eat ice cream - we'll see how successful i am at this one :)

5 things I would do if I had a million dollars:
1-buy a house
2-pay off the student loans we do have
3-buy weston all the sickest camera gear he desired
4-save a bunch for our kids' college
5-save for the work i'll want done on myself in about 10 years (or less!) :)

5 things I will never wear again:
1-half the clothes in my closet i've been hanging onto for the last 5 years hoping i'll get into again
2-doubled up socks, you know - 2 different colored pair on each foot
3-a belt
4-a small bra - haven't worn a small one since middle school :)
5-jewelry - besides a small pair of earrings and my wedding ring

Favorite toys:
1-sewing machine

5 people I'm tagging:

weston, shireen, danae, stacy, margaret and booker oh, and cynthia if you ever blog again! (yeah i know it's more than 5, get over it) :)

Friday, October 5

more pictures of kate

well, as much as i love to get pictures of this little girl, she gave us quite a scare today. i started spotting this afternoon and immediately called the clinic to leave my "urgent" message. after waiting for maybe 5 minutes, i just decided to leave work and go see one of the on-duty nurses. she talked with me for a couple minutes and sent me over to the hospital where i spent the next 2 1/2 hours. after doppler, 2 ultrasounds, and some blood work, they sent me home and said she measured perfectly and everything looked really good. i know this can happen to anyone at anytime in pregnancy, but man is it terrifying. coincidentally and luckily enough, my parents were in town and were able to be with me until weston arrived from work and then stayed to make sure we were all okay. so even though i'd rather not have the pictures (since i was in terror-mode all afternoon) she's still a cutie :)

here's another profile shot of herand here's a really cute one of her feet

kate's quilt

so i think i'm totally nesting. i have already made her crib quilt. but once i saw this material i was just in love with it and had to get it. and for anyone who knows me, you know that once i have the material, i have to start making it :) i'm sure this girl will teach me some patience!

Thursday, October 4

I have started a blog for school and other things photographic. I will be posting some of my own work and some work from other people that I like. Give it a looksy if you like. You can find it here:
Or simply click the link in the friends links. Here is one new photo. I shot this on a 4x5 view camera with film. I'm talking about the old school accordion style pull the cloth over your head style you see in movies of the old West. It is not easy to shoot action with these. To add to the difficulty, the image I see on the back of he camera is upside down and backwards.