Tuesday, August 7

kate the photographer

 weston left his g10 lying around and one afternoon, kate apparently picked it up and took some shots
 the best part of this one is that weston was traveling the day she took these, i always figure she missed her daddy ;)
paying homage to sleeping beauty and all things disney princess..

Monday, August 6

cottle reunion 2012

we had a cottle reunion this summer and decided to camp on the beach in san diego.  i was unsure about this whole camping thing from the start, but we packed all the gear we could collect and headed south in the caravan of caravans ;)

our first stop was, of course, in vegas for some shopping.  
 when we drove by this ghery building, kate looked out her window and asked, "dad, what happened to that building?"  ;)  had to share

my biggest fear about this whole camping trip was the dirt everywhere.  and it was everywhere.  i later learned, however, that the sand and dirt everywhere wasn't nearly as bad (not even close) as my kids losing hours of sleep everyday upon everyday...  not to mention the sleep my 6 month pregnant body needed..  

beth had this awesome temper tantrum one of the mornings - i mean it was like 6 am and she was already starting in on the tantrums (remember what i said about lack of sleep?)  she got so mad and promptly put her face to the ground - only here on the beach, that meant putting her face to the sand..

 how is she so cute?! 

of course we spent a lot of days on the beach, but managed to do some other things during the week we were there.

we made an evening trip to the temple and dealt with a pouty, moody kate... again, broken record i know, but the lack of sleep................ yeesh 

 we couldn't make a family trip to san diego and skip the fireworks over mission bay, so we all congregated and let the kids run wild on the park with a plethora of glow in the dark necklaces.  
it was a great night
 we took a walk on the oceanside pier and weston gave up his hat to protect this girl's noggin..
 and made a quick stop over to pq to check out the old stomping grounds.   the house looks pretty different, but is so well kept up - makes me happy that it's not lost and neglected ;)

would i do it again?  if you asked me during the week and then asked after we had been home awhile, the answers would have been completely different ;)  going into it again, i would be able to anticipate dealing with dirt and sleep so yes, i think i would go again.  it was a lot of fun to spend with my big, crazy immediate family, but maybe even more so to spend with my little, crazy young family.  anytime i can squeeze my husband away from work for a day or a week, i will always take it!  dirt and all :)