Sunday, November 30

i think she's starting to look like me

kate will do this pose/expression completely - head to the side, stare at some spot, just the pleasant expression
she TOTALLY has the "cottle scowl" - look at the furrowed brow. the cottle scowl exhibits itself in times of frustration, anger, or extreme concentration
i think we have the same eyes - when she smiles they turn into half-moons like this

okay, she still TOTALLY looks like weston, but there is more of me all the time :)

high school tag

1. Did you date someone in high school? sure did - married one of them

2. What kind of car did you drive? my parent's car - plymouth acclaim
3. Did you pass your driver's license test the first time? no :) i missed 1 too many questions
4. Were you a party animal? nope
5. Were you considered a flirt? nope
6.Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? band for 1 year
7. Were you a nerd? nope
8. Were you on any varsity teams? drill team
9. Did you ever get suspended or expelled? nope - got kicked out of mr. banks' spanish class a time or 2
10. Can you still sing your fight song? never could
11. Who were your favorite teachers? mrs. roberts, mr. orr, mr. hamblin
12. Where did you sit at lunch? it varied - the market, home, wendy's house, the hallways, outside . . .
13. School mascot: rams
14. School colors: red and white
15. Did you go to homecoming and who with? i was only 16 for my senior year homecoming - i can't remember who i went with??? oh, kevin ames
16. If you could go back and do it again, would you? there are definitely a lot of fond memories, but i wouldn't want to live through it all again, for sure :)
17. What do you remember most about graduation? that we weren't supposed to throw our hats - so naturally, i did, skipping down the aisle when it was all over, having bright green toenail polish on
18. Where did you go on Senior Skip Day? i don't completely remember ... but it was most likely lagoon
19. Were you in any clubs? yeah, quite a few. i created the sshs snowboarding club - it's my legacy :) spanish club, young conservatives, national honor society, blah blah blah
20. Have you gained weight since then? yep
21. Who was your prom date? keith ward, then 2 years with weston
22. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? already went
23. Did you have a job while in high school? yeah baby - lotsa motsa - best job ever
24. Worst class? geometry
25. Favorite class? any class with weston :) haha. health with coach roberts

i tag: sarah, kristi, brynn, jill, michelle, natalie, and rachel

thanksgiving 2008

this thanksgiving was spent with the coltons. weston and i drove to monroe tuesday night for an early start to the holiday. we spent that evening with weston's parents and installed a new computer for his mom.

wednesday, weston and my dad got in an early round of golf - my dad shot par. maybe one day i can shoot 15 over par :) my mom and i spent most of the day visiting, shopping, and visiting some more. that evening, weston's mom and dad treated us to a one-on-one dinner.

thursday morning, i got up early and my mom helped me make rolls and scalloped carrots to take to thanksgiving. it was so fun to go out to the garden and dig fresh carrots - i half expected bugs bunny to pop out! they tasted amazing. we had dinner with weston's entire immediate family and our brothers-in-law invited their parents to come. that night, we went to the gunnison movie theater (about a 40 minute drive) to watch twilight - the boys even went and i think had an okay time! the movie was good overall, but man the cheese factor was high! i hope i didn't just make enemies of half of my bloglist :)

friday, weston had to get up and get back to orem for work - black friday. i spent the day with my parents and my mom and i put up her christmas tree that night.

i came back home to utah county saturday morning and weston and i went out to eat that night at texas roadhouse. i can't believe the week is already gone, but i also can't believe that last sunday was really just last sunday - it feels like it's been 2 weeks since then!

we had a wonderful holiday and spent time with fabulous family. we are blessed and very thankful.
we hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

Monday, November 17

Kate-0 Coffee Table-1

Kate got into a fight and the coffee table won.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Saturday, November 15

kate's christmas stocking

for our first christmas as a married couple, weston and i got matching stockings. his has a reindeer and mine has a tree. i LOVE our stockings - they're just simple and they're classic so they won't be outdated even in 15 years. when i was pregnant, i knew i'd want to add stockings to the colton collection but of course, couldn't find anymore stockings from the set. so the other night, i went to the fabric store and bought red and white velveteen (they didn't have a matching green) and went to work. weston decided that kate should have an angel silhouette, since she's his angel, and this is the final is our little family of stockings.
this time, i had the foresight to buy enough fabric to make a few more stockings :) and, while these stockings are hanging, i have not decorated anything else - yet. we bought kate's christmas goods last night and i have a feeling that once i start wrapping, i may feel the need to put them under a tree :) we'll see.

oh, and one more thing, i have been listening to christmas music for about a week now and everyone's been giving me a hard time. my rebuttal is this: it is not "christmas" music to me - it's "holiday" music. this time of year is the "holiday season" and it just feels right to have some corresponding tunes to go along!

the end.

Friday, November 7

my beautiful baby

Tuesday, November 4

a couple of tags

tag #1


i got tagged a couple of weeks ago with this one. you are supposed to pick the 4th picture in the 4th folder on your computer. here goes, drum roll please . . .

this one is from 2 christmases ago - wow, time flies by! this is my younger brother, andrew, and his daughter jane. this was a christmas that weston and i were going to stay in our own apartment and have our own little christmas. plans changed on the 23rd of december when i got stuck in monroe from a snowstorm and, rather than have me drive back to utah county in the storm, weston decided to drive to monroe instead with our christmas gifts in tow. what a good husband i have :) it was a great christmas and it was so fun to spend it with andrew, sarah, jane, and aunt winnie, along with both of our families that live there.

tag #2


Where we met: high school. the first time i remember seeing weston was on a marching band trip to a st. george parade. i saw him on the bus and the first thing i noticed were his shoes (kind of a thing for me). we were both wearing black converse one stars but his were the mids :) i thought he was hot, even as a freshman :) we re-met a couple of years later and that's when we became friends.

How long we dated before we got hitched: as the "most broken-up couple" my mother in law knows, it really depends on what you count. we were kind of that couple that's always a couple. so, in total, we dated for a grand total of 8 years before getting married.

How long have we been married: it will be five years in june

What's my favorite feature about him: his eyes - they are just KIND and i love them

What's my favorite quality about him: he is GOOD. my mom has always told me she was grateful for him (even when we were dating) because he was always good to me, and for me. that has always stuck with me.

What's his nickname for me: love.

His favorite color: red? black? i don't know that he has a favorite color. but he is color-blind, so what does a favorite color really mean? jk - he's not totally color-blind but he definitely struggles with browns and greens :)

His favorite food: anything fried? he has the best metabolism you've ever seen - totally unfair. he loves gummy candy, that's for sure. he loves seafood and steak. and i think his favorite food group would have to be soda :)

His favorite sport: skateboarding. he loves skating - i think it's his one true love (besides myself and kate, of course). he loves to snowboard as well. weston was the total athlete in school - he played everything at one point or another. we were in a small school, so you could participate in several sports. football games were fun and he was a captain, which means he was totally hot :) , but my favorite sport to watch him play has always been baseball.

Who said the L word first: i whispered in his ear and said, "i think i'm falling for you" so technically, i guess i didn't say the L word first :) i guess that would be him - he said (a week or so later) "i think i'm falling in love with you"

First kiss, when and where: first kiss - ahh the memory :) late november 1996, my parents basement on the white couch.

Favorite couple thing to do: we love golf. we love movies. we love talking all night long. i think just spending time together (without his cell phone) :)

How many kids: we have 1, if you don't know that, you have clearly never read this blog!

His hidden talent: not quite hidden - his major talent is his photography. hidden talent? his mad jerry-rigging skills. he can rig or fix anything his own way and make it work better than my way, or even the more traditional way. he can also cook a lot better than me!

His age: 28

His favorite music: you name it. i think he would even like country music if it were mashed up with the right beats and other music. he is a lover of music, that's for sure. i think he finds at least 1 new band or album (mashups) EVERY SINGLE DAY. the music beat is his heartbeat.

What I admire most about him: he has a lot of integrity. he knows what is right and he knows that is what he needs to do. he really knows what he believes. he is a good man.

His favorite pastimes: photography. music (finding it and listening to it live). spending time with his daughter and me. SLEEPING!!!

Will he read this: absolutely

i tag sarah, cynthia, jill, kristi (if you haven't already done it), rachel, and carmen (carmen, you HAVE to do this!)

halloween 08

happy halloween!
this year we were in denver for halloween. i spent halloween in denver 8 years ago when megan was born! it was fun to be with all the nieces and nephews for their candy, costumes, and craziness.

kate was a turtle. don't mind the velcro strips that show from her shell. it all kind of fell apart at the last minute so we tried to attach it with safety pins :) the best part about kate being a turtle at this age, however, is that when she crawled all over the place, she really looked like this cute little moving turtle :)kate's cousin, reynolds, was a pumpkin. he is a week older than kate and it was pretty cute to see the two of them react to, and play with, each other. he is such a cute butterball and he looked awesome in his pumpkin getup.

jane is renny's big sister. she was cinderella and made a beautiful princess. jane is quite a sparkplug and will be an even spunkier teenager, i'm guessing :) she was so cute in this costume and she would twirl and spin without even being asked.

here are most of the kids. isn't that the cutest turtle you've ever laid eyes on? haha
drew must have lost all of his riches because on halloween night, he showed up looking like a bum and begging for candy. at one point, he even had a sign . . . will work for candy maybe?kali is drew's younger sister.she was a bloody skeleton; hence the bloody bones and markings on her face.

megan was a ghost.
you can't see the rest of her costume here, but she made a pretty adorable casper :) what a sweetheart.

haley was an adorable ballerina.
i love this picture of her - she was taking the modeling so seriously :)

here's megan's haul. isn't that like the best part of halloween? i always loved the sorting, counting, and trading MUCH more than the trick or treating - although it was a very close second place :)