Sunday, May 31

a day at the farm

and we didn't go to sevier county!
today was kind of a first in our married life - a first time we have woken up on a saturday morning and weston didn't have to go to work and wasn't out of town. we actually had a saturday to spend together however we wanted. it was fantastic.

we slept in, spent the afternoon at wheeler farm, had lunch in sugarhouse, took a nap in the evening, had cafe rio for dinner, and closed with an snl re-run we hadn't yet seen. a really good day: chill and relaxed and together.cute baby cows - they even "moo'd" for kateall kinds of baby ducklings - sorry, no food... they quickly lost interest in us when they realized thisbig fat pink pigs
pretty rooster - check out those colors!
we are going to experience payback (or whatever you want to call it) for this wonderful day, tomorrow when we have 9am church - kate is still in her bed awake.

Tuesday, May 26

busy little bee, part 2

as promised. i had a busy weekend. it all started on thursday i think. i was having a little breakdown because we are inundated with STUFF. for 2 adults and 1 tiny baby, we have so many things. i started in the kitchen, and i got rid of 2 large boxes full of said stuff. it felt great. i kept going. the living room was next. i cleaned out and organized my sewing chests and made an impromptu trip up the road to ikea for some plastic storage. i found exactly what i needed to store my scraps of fabric and perused the as-is stuff on the way out.

i have been eyeing others' amazing crafting tables online for months now and have dreamt of owning my own station someday. ahh someday, you have arrived. i picked up a cabinet (kitchen maybe?) for 70% off and brought her home.

that evening, i finished my work in the living room, and it looks amazing. we acquired some more stuff when weston's grandpa moved to a retirement apartment and cleaned out his own stuff of 50+ years in one home. we had to make room for things like cool trunks and grandfather clocks. so, adding more furniture in the room meant definitely dejunking in there. again, it looks great. and feels even better.

the next day, i couldn't get my mind off the project i had begun (the sewing room). i drug weston back to draper and we picked up another cabinet and a tabletop for $3.49!!!! can you believe that price? as-is shopping is awesome (just like popeye's chicken). all in all, my table cost about $89.50 (shelves included). weston chided me saying, "couldn't you have just bought a table for the same price - already made?" he's right, i could have, but that table would not have cabinets, shelves, or self-satisfaction and customization in one package. so, i win :) my station rocks. i've already "crafted" about 6 times. loving it!!

my own little corner of the office.
to the left: machine stuff, patterns & projects, fabricto the right: threads, notions, yarn & cross-stitchery
on the sill: buttons!!! one of the treasures i got from grandpa colton's home. chris, my father in law, told weston to take these buttons home to me because he knew i sewed (they came in a very large cylinder tin). when i popped the lid to see what was inside, my mouth dropped and i was beyond excited. i told him this is the type of thing you have to wait to inherit. so excited.
on the wall: ribbons
my view: weston's infamous dress form print and pretty fabricsain't she a beauty? i have a permanent residence for my sewing machine and my serger! a very happy woman am i :)

Monday, May 25

team spencer

so i don't know how many of you watch the hills, but i know danae & cory do! :) i am officially, after tonight's and the last couple of episodes, on team spencer. it's true. for someone who is usually such a moron, so annoying, and so incredibly prideful about who knows what, i think he has actually figured out a way to not be such a tool. either that, or the producers have finally allowed him to be himself - i mean, is anyone really that narcissistic and manipulative? are any girls going to really continue to date, not to mention marry/not marry in mexico, guys like that? i really think spencer's kind of a loser but mostly he's pretty normal - he has just been cast as the villain and is soaking it up.

anyway, just thought i'd cast my vote that i'm so sick, and have been for most of the 5 seasons of the "reality show", of lauren and her america's sweetheart vibe - i don't buy it at all. she is whiny and selfish and has the bff in lo (that has "always been around") because lo will never upstage her. she seems to be that kind of girl. and i don't like her.

i'm sure spencer will find numerous ways to secure his spot back on the retard list, but for now, i'm rooting for him ... not heidi ... just spencer.

i have been a busy bee

check back sometime soon - i'm making no promises :)

Friday, May 22

i haven't been able to get this song out of my head for the past few days.

'tis a very sessy song.

weston has been a big fan of these guys for months and months - it always takes me a bit longer to catch on :)

and what's not to love about boys who get haircuts:beforeafter - much better, boys

Thursday, May 21


after more than 3 years of crazy searching, i finally found our wedding negatives! i can't eve tell you how happy this made me.

Wednesday, May 20

holy crap i can't believe it

kris won. so awesome.

for the record, he has been my favorite in the top 12.

take that adam!!! :) just kidding, of course

idol and dancing

no, i'm not going to talk about dancing with the stars.

first, american idol [insert theme music].

team kris!!!i am gunning for kris to win, but i don't have much hope. adam kind of killed it last night and unless it's a big shocker, i think he will be the newly crowned idol. anyway, i like kris because he is humble (say what you want, simon), can sing well, has the folksy/jazzy/acoustic voice i love, and sings out of the corner of his mouth (love that). i will even admit (gulp) that i cast a handful of votes last night, personally, for mr. allen.

adam lambert - yes, he can definitely sing ... and scream. i know america loves this guy, but i can't stand how most of his performances are so over-the-top-dramatic. he is SOO theatrical onstage. i've never been a fan of the "smoldering stare" into the camera, ala constantine, ace young, etc. it's really lame, guys. adam has it mastered and i can't stand it. where's the authentic emotion and feeling in your performance? i feel like he's constantly channeling some character out of a musical or production and not just being adam lambert.

oh, and i can't stop seeing this everytime i look at him:can you believe the old adam (high school picture from mchs)?

well if adam wins, go sundevils!

now for the dancing part of this post:

i cannot wait for SYTYCD!!!mia michaels is my favorite choreographer in the bunch - you know i'll be watching!!!

the bachelorette

are any of you watching this? i watched last season with jason and was pretty ambivalent about jillian until the last few episodes she was on. i am excited to watch her this season - a real down to earth girl.

did anyone get creeped out by some of the guys like me?julien: mr. fancy pants car, i'm from rancho santa fe, and "jillian & julien forever"juan: i'm from argentina - wait i moved to america when i was TWO, i'll say anything you want me to say, and "i deserve this rose more than any guy here"creepy-cake-taker tanner p: mr. i'm obsessed with your feet!!! did you see how he was dying to get a look at her feet without her noticing? eww.

here are/were my favorite picks:michael: mr. break dance instructor, nice guy approach, not trying too hardkyle: i know she didn't keep him, and he's not really man enough for jill, but he was cute and fun and i would have liked to see what he had to bring to the table - at least for another week.. oh well. did anyone else want to see jill hold up her moustache-tattoo ala "the thinker" when talking to another guy??? we were dying for it!my favorite so far: kiptyn. the guy needs to hide the fact that his name is kiptyn and just go by kip. i think he could be the sensitive yet manly man for jill. and who wouldn't want to live in encinitas??? i know i would!

good luck, jillian! filter through the creeps as quickly as you can, please.

this won't live up to the hype

so i am in schock that i got 9 comments on the last non-post :) thank you all for reading my little blog.

we'll start with my dad's birthday (may 6th, a little late to post this). happy birthday, dad! i'm officially in denial about my parents being any older than 60. i think i may have to stop counting :)
then, going in chronological order, weston and i had a golf date last week. it was kind of fun. weston had this grumpy thing going on:in high school, he would get so grumpy whenever we went bowling because i always kicked his butt. we had to eventually institute a no-bowling-together rule and have only made a few exceptions in the last 12 years. let it be known, however, that in no way am i even close to kicking anyone's butt in the game of golf - he just gets grumpy (although not always).

we may have to institute a no-golfing-together rule as the game we played on monday kind of went the same way.

on the 18th, travis got another year older. i stole this picture off his facebook, so i have no clue where he is. looks like life is hard, brother.
the following day, the 19th, was sarah's birthday! happy birthday sarah - hope you had a relaxing afternoon/evening and that andrew was nice to you :) stole this picture from her facebook, too. do i actually need to use my camera???

thanks for checking back to read this - i'll try to do better next time :)

Tuesday, May 19

blogging hiatus

i haven't blogged in a week! what is the world coming to???

check back later and i'll do some catching up. for who, i'm not quite sure :) is anyone reading anymore???

Tuesday, May 12

monroe - twice in 2 weekends!

geeze, do we ever stay home? i was asked to speak about my mama in her ward for mother's day, so we made a weekend of it ... again :) but i love you, mom, so it was a pleasure!

first things first - GOLF. for some reason, i have had the golf bug this spring. i hope that means my clubs will be just as dirty as weston's by season's end.
me and my mom - she's gearing up to smack the ballandrew has been staying with grandma & grandpa for a week and got to come along for the ridecarefully choosing which club to usemy dad - he's a great golfer

next, the dairy.
i love this place - kind of like kneader's but small-town authentic.kate's ready for her soup!

thirdly, more golf. saturday afternoon we spent another few hours on the greens
sunday's backyard shenanigans.isn't my mom's yard gorgeous? this is just a sneak peek - too bad you can't see more. fyi - our reception line was on the other side of the pathway ... pretty much the most gorgeous setting you could ask for :)
the real treat - mother's day meal served al fresco. weston and i cooked for mom and it was delish! because the day was so lovely, i decided we needed to eat outside so out came the table, umbrella, and chairs.
great way to eat our rice pilaf, garden salad, garlic bread, and grilled salmon.
front porch and my fat cat, sid

lastly, glamour girl. kate has developed a taste for my sunglasses, and hers too.while driving home, weston turned around and saw this:gotta love this crazy girl :)