Thursday, May 7

thursday afternoon

kate had her 15 month appointment today. she had a rough one. from the moment the doctor scooted close and pulled out his stethoscope, she started crying and screaming .... and do i mean screaming! that girl used pipes i don't think i've heard before. she had 2 big shots and screamed some more. not only was she in pain and nervous, she was pretty overdue for her nap. this was at 1:30 this afternoon.

it's now 5:11

she is still sleeping.

so, because i'm such a stellar wife, my husband is skateboarding with friends. i am home in a quiet apartment.

i took advantage of the quiet time and watched a cute chick flick. anyone ever seen no reservations? catherine zeta-jones and aaron eckhart. i didn't ever hear much about this movie when it came out, but i loved it. i loved the love, i loved the chemistry, i loved the simple story of kate (catherine zeta-jones) and her neice (abigail breslin). it was just a sweet way to spend a couple hours by myself :) i even shed a tear or two on more than one occasion.

have you seen it? loved it, hated it, no opinion because you were bored???

i suppose now would be the time to get the bathroom and kitchen cleaned up before we head out of town tomorrow - maybe that would show that i'm a good wife :) i hope kate keeps sleeping for a little while longer - she is still running hot from those 3 molars coming in at once and now we've added the shots, poor kid. it will be nice to return to this kate that i know and love.

6 quick quips:

kguiness said...

I loved that movie too:)!

Dunn Family said...

She is so cute! So what were her measurements at the appointment? I am so jealous that she sleeps so good for you....I wish Colston would sleep period during the day!

Kerry said...

That movie has been on my DVR waiting for me to watch it for like 6 just motivated me to actually do it! thanks!! I'm excited to see it :)
ugh...I don't think there's much worse than seeing your baby in pain and not being about to do a darn thing about it...sorry :(

Natalie said...

Brad & I watched that one a while ago and thought it was cute too. I made me verrry hungry. Did you know that Aaron Eckhart is mormon and went to BYU? Kinda crazy.

You guys are headed out of town again? Long time no see! Have fun!

Little lou said...

I totally feel your pain with the Molars. I didn't even notice them come in with Jane but Reynolds was a whole different story. I swear it took like a month too of crabby, winning, and only wanting the mommy. I'm sure Kate is much better for you. I will have to check out that flick I've never heard of it.

Johanna said...

I liked "No Reservations". Did you know it was based on a German film? If you get a chance to see the German version, take it. It's just as good, if not better. Can't wait to see you next week (hopefully!)