Saturday, March 30

coloring eggs

the girls really look forward to coloring eggs all spring, this time miles is checking it out :)

 we tried a few different things, starting with an online recipe i used last year for food color dye.  it works well, gives really pretty colors and hues.  the whole white crayon thing, however, does not work out so well.  we'll try something else next year! :)

Tuesday, March 26

miles' first solids

this kid is an eater!  so i figured we'd try solids, even though it feels a little early...
 he's chomping at the bit waiting!  or at least chomping on his fingers..

here we go..  
hmmm... feels funny, tastes different.... i might have to think about this one... 

oh hey!!! 
turns out it's delicious!  
gimme some more!

Friday, March 8

weston's birthday

it was a long time coming, and we can only hope this is finally the end, but i arranged to have weston's bike fully fixed in time for his birthday!  we went to monroe under the guise of pleasing his mom so we could celebrate jessica's and weston's birthdays together.  while that was a nice addition to the weekend ;) i really wanted to get him to his bike!
 looks pretty happy, right? :)

i love this man of mine.

plus, he's really hot.