Friday, February 26


this is the size of our baby today.  

wait! did i just say baby?  that's right - we are expecting again.  baby colton is due september 10th (or really whenever he/she decides to come out ... or, if he/she is anything like big sister, has to be extricated).

i had my 12 week appointment this afternoon and got to listen to the teeny tiny heartbeat.  it was 156 bpm and doctor says he votes girl but weston's going to hold out for a couple more months to see that ultrasound :) it is interesting to remember, however, that at my 12 week appointment with kate, her heartrate was 174 bpm...  guess we'll wait and see.

Thursday, February 25

best husband

i love this guy.  this morning i woke up at the early hour of 9:40 (it was divine) and went to the living room to see my husband and my daughter curled up in her blanket on the couch watching yo gabba gabba.  what a man letting me get my sleep!

Monday, February 15

happy president's day

so we were ultra lazy today (weston) and lounged around the house until about 2:00 this afternoon.  we needed to get some lunch and a few groceries so that was our big "event" for the holiday.  we stopped for lunch at cafe rio and kate ate like a maniac.  her favorite thing to eat, period, is rice and black beans.  we can get a cup of it for a buck and it lasts for at least 2, if not 3, meals for her.  today she ate her entire quesadilla and 3/4 of her beans and rice!  what a champ.

here's the big news of the day - before we left to go grocery shopping, this 3 year old boy at the table next to us came over and said "bye bye" to kate and then he leaned in and gave kate her first kiss - food on his mouth and all!  someone should have told him valentine's was yesterday.

where's that camera when you need one?

Saturday, February 13

Crazy Kate

These are just a bunch of photos of Kate that have been sitting on my G10.  I love this kid.  She is such a girly girl sometimes.  She loves pink, and her sparkly shoes.
She got to spend a Saturday with Daddy a couple weeks ago while Mommy went to the state drill team competition.  South Sevier took 1st, by the way.  We watched Kung Fu Panda.  Kate loved it.

I found her typing away the other night.  I hope she doesn't delete anything.

"Kisses, let's go bye bye."
Kate put all this gear on all by herself, except the shoes.

New kicks and a new ride.  (Jordan I retros, if anyone was wondering [Mark]).

Tuesday, February 9

kate's tiny two party

when looking for ideas for kate's birthday party, i kept coming across variations of the tiny theme - so we ran with it.
here are the party invites that were sent out - they were the size of a business card.  i made them in illustrator, had them printed, then made the envelopes.  we had to hand them out since they weren't "mailable" but that worked out ok. 
the beautiful birthday girl
the party guests - yes, we all crammed into our little place
the "mini" spread

opening presents - this was a concept not lost on kate.  she took no time to get into opening her presents and she wanted to open everything and play before moving onto the next gift.  thank you to everyone - you were all very very generous!  kate definitely got spoiled!

and to complete the "daddy tradition" - here she is opening a new pair of shoes.  kate, meet your first pair of jordans.  weston is so proud!

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear kate, happy birthday to you!!!

after a few bites of cake she wanted some ice cream.  when she blew out the candles, i asked if she wanted to use her hands or if she wanted a fork - she chose the fork... go figure.  we'll never have a messy cake face with this one!

weston kitted her out in her new shoes and wanted to get a picture ... my favorite is the cry face :)

happy birthday, little one!!!!  we love you!

Wednesday, February 3

i'm pooped

pooped, i tell ya!!!  i'm such a sorry excuse for a human, let alone a stay at home mom some days.  oh well, such is life.

despite it being the very last thing i felt like doing in my life, i got up, made the bed, showered, dressed kate, and was out the door by 11:30 today.  that is a MAJOR accomplishment as of late.  we did the final bits of shopping for kate's tiny two birthday party this weekend.  i guess the next item on my to-do list, besides clean that blasted bathroom, is to do something with party decorations, groceries, veggies, cake mixes, etc.  there are still two more full days for that, however.  the rest of today may just consist of couch lying and toddler playing.