Sunday, October 31

weston's too polite to add this to his post, but i'm not! :)  i want to brag a little and let everyone know that my husband sold 5 pieces of art during his opening!  i'm a proud wife, for sure.

as he mentioned, the show will be up until the 3rd friday in november, so come check it out.  bring your cash if you want a weston colton original! :)

I&P 1.0 Coverage

Thank you to all the friends and family that came out to the show opening last Friday night.  It was a great time.  You can go to my blog and see a bunch of photos from the night.
The show will hang until the 19th of November, which is the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll.  There will be a "closing" for the show and the artists will be in attendance again.  If you missed us at the opening, please come see the show at the closing!


Friday, October 29

just around the corner!

christmas, that is.  don't worry, i haven't started decorating or listening to any christmas music - but i will admit it's been tempting!  i'm just excited for christmas this year - i'm excited to have christmas in our new place and very excited for kate!  she is already getting fired up about christmas and santa claus and i can tell she'll have even more fun with it this year than last year.  it's going to be a good season.

so, the reason for this post - weston has been MIA this week getting prints made, framed, and hung for his show this weekend ( so i was itching for a project.  there were definitely other things i could have been working on (clothes i have been meaning to make for the girls, thanksgiving decorations, getting ready for beth's baby blessing lunch, CLEANING the house!) but nothing spoke to me as much as this: beth's christmas stocking!!!  way too much fun to pass up, so i didn't.

weston thought she should have a candle silhouette on her stocking and insisted on the finger-handle-thingy on the candlestick.  i told him i would probably just do the candle and flame because i couldn't do the handle thingy.  anyway, i tackled it and was in love with the result!  so cute!

here are the family stockings (we bought ours for our first married christmas, and i have made the others as they've come along so we could all be matchy matchy)

painting pumpkins

since we're still too little to mess with carving pumpkins, we painted again this year.  kate has been asking for the last 3 days to do this so this morning i got out my old drill team shirt (circa freshman year 1993!) and suited her up with paints, brushes, and plates.
 while she doesn't look very excited, i assure you, she was!
she's got mad skills!
the almost completed masterpiece

school carnival

we kept seeing signs for the elementary school's halloween carnival, so we dressed up the girls and took them down.  the bummer was that we were only there for like the last 15 minutes before it was over!  but it was fun to get kate in her costume, get her around all the other kids in costume, and have a few treats - she definitely loved it.

here's our little bunny rabbit (i don't know why we didn't get any photos of beth in her costume, but she's kate's cute little carrot!)

the red barn pumpkin patch

we finally took the girls out to a pumpkin patch.  i tried doing this with kate last year but the patch was sold out by like the 20th of october - bummer.  so this year it was something i wanted to do earlier on in the month, but here we are, almost halloween, again.  we lucked out though, because this patch was stocked with pumpkins just for us!

we went with some friends, jac & kelly, and their kids to the red barn in santaquin.  we got to experience the usual pumpkin patch amenities - hayride, maze, photo-op plywood cutouts, pumpkins galore, and lots of dirt to play in.

 the smells of farm life...
 fence climbing
 don't mind the head to toe turquoise - even her socks matched.  oh dear...
 jac & phin
 kate and beth, the ghosts!  (ghost-es if you ask kate)
 running wild in the country
 in the pumpkins
 hmm, which one speaks to me?  which one will i take home?
 we were having a race...
 my cute girls
kate's letting the pumpkins know who's boss, apparently

i tried to get weston in some of the shots, but i guess he was being stubborn... we had fun getting our pumpkins but the best part was the fact that we were at the red barn - hello ice cream, donuts, and squeaky cheese!  we had a fun afternoon - thanks kelly & jac!

Tuesday, October 26

and it's gone

after a month or so of the inner debate, my hair all landed on the floor.  i got the haircut.  it wasn't originally supposed to be this short, but after a few tweaks, i am really happy having this look again.  there is something very familiar and comforting about seeing my face with short hair... maybe it's just me.
before (taken about 3 weeks ago)
after (taken this afternoon)
i really wish i had good photos to post, but these will have to do...

Saturday, October 23

gardner village and the witches

i'm not much for celebrating halloween i think.  i don't have a single decoration, we don't have any pumpkins at our house (yet, hopefully), and i haven't dressed up in years.  but this year and last, i managed to take kate to see the witches at gardner village.  i have to say, it worked to get me in the season of halloween (which, honestly, is just a holiday for gearing up for the "holiday season" to me these days).  but that's what kids are for - to relive holidays!  haha

so here are some pictures of the cute witches we saw:
witches playing baseball (my favorite)
baby beth in the back of the stroller, looking cozy
a bored kate...
mixing up that witch's brew - and michelle, i still have no answers for you about dry ice :)
the girls
the frog princess - witchy style
my sweet little witch... aka kate the 2 1/2 year old
kate: really mom, with the pictures?
this was kate's favorite of the day - the hula hooping witch
thanks michelle for coming with us!  if you have an hour or 2 to kill this week, take your kids.  they'll most likely love it :)

Friday, October 22

ready for a walk

we took the girls out for a walk the other night.  it was one of the first cool evenings so they are all bundled up.  once we pulled kate's hat out for the season, she has wanted to wear it non stop.  yes, that means even to bed.  we don't have a double stroller yet - i'm kind of hoping to be able to get by with this one (the seat reclines completely flat so it fits both girls easily with beth laying down in the back).  the real limiting factor (like how i'm using my college degree with that one?) will be beth's weight as she grows... we'll see.

camping out

a month or so ago, we went to check on kate before we went to bed.  here is what we found:
i love that not only does she have the sleeping essentials (woody and jessie) but she is completely covered up with her quilt.

Sunday, October 17

all about kate

just a bunch of pictures of kate from this summer...

visiting daddy at the studio one afternoon

sunday afternoon, playing outside

playing at great grandma's house

just a cute classic profile