Tuesday, May 24


remember how i said fuchsia was not so much my thing?

apparently, it is so much her thing 

she loves her beets!

Monday, May 23

our home: the playroom part one

for now, we are using one of the bedrooms in the "main house" as a playroom for the girls.  the girls includes me.  part one of the playroom tour is all about the little girls.

little girl bedroom with great windows

playroom with great windows
great cabinets to hide away toys

weston picked up this desk from a local thrift store - he has plans for it... maybe this summer?
i am loving the built-ins!  now i just need to find some fabric to redo the pad - fuschia is not so much my color...

love the bookshelves!

Friday, May 20

kate's broadway debut

DISCLAIMER: if you are not the parent of this child you may not be interested in viewing the video.  

kate, like most little girls right now, is obsessed with tangled.  she will run around quoting pages of dialogue and singing song after song.  i think it's great since i LOVE that movie, too.  here she is on the swings a couple days ago.  i added the lyrics so you could decipher what she's saying, if you're interested.  mostly i just want to point out how close she is to getting them right!  

Rapunzel knows best
Fine, if you're so sure now (Rapunzel's so mature now)
Such a clever grown-up miss
Rapunzel knows best
Fine, if you're so sure now
Go ahead, then give him this

How did you?

This is why he's here!
Don't let him deceive you!
Give it to him, watch, you'll see!

I will!
Trust me, my dear
That's how fast he'll leave you
I won't say I told you s

No - Rapunzel knows best!
Fine, if you're so sure now (So if he's such a dreamboat) 
Go and put him to the test

Mother! Wait!
If he's lying
Don't come crying
Mother knows best...


Wednesday, May 18

kate's kite

kate got an ariel kite for easter.  since then she has flown it, or asked to fly it, every single day. 

and here is an 8 second video that's pretty classic.  give it a whirl...

Monday, May 16

swinging girls

if kate loves one thing, it's swinging.  i'm trying to teach her to pump her legs... any suggestions?  
so far i'm not very successful :)  
this was beth's first experience.  i wish i had moved the blanket further down so you could see her face better!  she loves it like her big sister.

kate's readers

for christmas, kate got a doll with all kinds of accessories, including these pink glasses.  she loves wearing them.  i might be the only one, but i think it's hilarious when she does.  gets me every time!

i apologize for the quality of phone photos...

Friday, May 13

our home: the bathroom

how annoying.  did everyone notice that blogger had major problems yesterday?  hopefully we're back to normal now...

so, the "main house" has three bedrooms and 1 full bath.  the original owners built an addition in the early 60s with a large family room, extra bedroom, and a 1/2 bathroom.  the only thing about the 1/2 bath is that it's actually off the garage.  weird, yes.  i have yet to use it.  but, if we are in the house long enough and plan to stay even longer, i have plans to realign the bathroom/hallway area and make it a full bathroom and move ourselves into the added family room and make it a nice big master suite.  but remember, that's a big if.

for now, i give you the bathroom

here is the purpley color i talked about before, remember?  also, take notice of the medicine cabinet.  not bad, right?  well, apparently it didn't fit in the space between the light fixture and the sink, so they just installed it horizontally instead of vertically.  so it opened, but talk about awkward.  after the paint, it was the next to go. 

again with the clean white paint - are you sensing a pattern here?  
we didn't paint any of the doors and it's obvious they need to be done...
weston installed the new mirror and shelf and also the extendable magnifying mirror

i don't know if anyone saw this post yesterday or not, and if you did - did you try to leave a comment?  i'm trying to convince myself that we didn't get any comments because blogger was down... that's true, right?  right????  
come on, we all love comments and you know it! 

thanks for visiting :)

Wednesday, May 11

our home: the kitchen

when we were looking and day-dreaming about finding a house perfect for us, we both were quite settled on the idea of an older home.  when people would suggest we get a new townhomey-home (the type of house that feels like a townhouse but is just detached) for the same price, we were both on the same page: we wanted a home with character and an established feel.  it's exactly what we got.  

in one of our walk-throughs before closing on the house, weston took some snapshots.  unfortunately, we don't have any of the kitchen.  i'll give you a bit of a before & after tour of the house where we have photos.  

may i present, the kitchen:
looking in from the dining room
view of everything from the same corner
looking out to the dining room

the previous owners had a creamy color above the wainscoting, so we painted a crisp white and then freshened up the wainscoting and trim with a new coat, as well.  we also hung the pot racks to give us a bit more storage space.  thankfully, the floors are recently tiled and the appliances are quite new.  the kitchen is just the right size for someone who doesn't know too much about what goes on in there!

Tuesday, May 10

welcome to our home

these pictures were taken a few weeks ago, so the flowers were just beginning to bloom.
we are in the most adorable, quiet, quaint neighborhood.  we are very excited about being able to let our kids play outside with no worries.  there is never any traffic on our streets and there are no fenced yards - we feel so lucky to have found it.

more to come!!!

Monday, May 9

don't forget to check back tomorrow

you just might find something you've been waiting for....

happy mothers day

originally, i had big plans (for a mother's day pity party) to be alone with my girls this mother's day.  weston has a job in el salvador and they were supposed to be flying out early early sunday morning.  i was bummed to say the least.  you know, feeling very sorry for myself... blah blah blah.  then, thankfully, he got word that the new temple didn't have furniture yet and they needed to postpone the trip for another week.  yay erin!

we went to a baby blessing in the morning, so we missed our ward's mothers day talks and songs.  we planned to go home and take it easy, but good thing we have a daughter who keeps us honest!  kate was begging and actually crying to go to her class, so we were good little kids and went to the rest of our meetings.  kate made me a cute card in nursery and we got yummy dipped pretzel treats from the ward.  after church, we did manage to get home and take it easy.  we all got a nap (some much shorter than others) and hung out as a family.

weston surprised me with bunches of new prints for the walls - our cute girls.  i can't wait to get everything hung and post pictures for you to see.  love it!

we finished the night with a delicious dinner and dessert 

i requested french toast and bacon (we were going to have eggs as well, but it was already too much food).  rounded out the night with some strawberry shortcake.

thanks family!!!  i love you!

Thursday, May 5


we've been doing a lot of this lately:

one of the best things about our new place (photos coming soon, i promise!), is that we are 2 1/2 blocks away from 5 different playgrounds!!!  it's awesome.

Wednesday, May 4

my big girls

a trip to costco - love the double seats in the shopping cart

Tuesday, May 3

lawn mowing...

weston is the proud owner of a new lawnmower.  you know, since he has a lawn to mow now.  i mentioned before how sad our lawn is.  it really is.  we're hoping we can figure out how to green it up and get it looking great and healthy.  especially the front lawns, they looked green and lush until they got their first haircut - then all the yellow started showing itself.  what do we need to do?  water more?  fertilize?  any easy suggestions out there from our blogging friends?

it's kind of funny because right now, when things are new, lawnmowing is a family affair.  when weston comes home and gets the lawnmower out of the shed, we all don our shoes and jackets (and hats right now) and head out to grab our seats to watch daddy mow the mulan, as kate calls it.  hopefully he doesn't mind the audience!

we've figured out the sprinkler system, got the zones documented, and have set up a tentative watering schedule.  i'm just hoping to water enough out front, not flood the flowerbeds or garden, and grow some grass in the backyard patches.  definitely got our work cut out for us!!

Monday, May 2


this is kate's new obsession.  i say obsession because it will occupy her for hours at a time.  there aren't too many activities that will do that for a toddler.  she loves it.  and she's getting better at it all the time.

great grandma carson got her this velvet poster
i love how she has to lean clear across it to color

strawberry shortcake coloring book - notice how she's starting to notice the lines (her hair with red marker)

my daughters are cool