Monday, November 19

miles comes home

after my required hours are complete, i want to get home as soon as possible.  it's not that i'm anxious to be with my baby on my own and not have the extra help from the nurses.. it's that i want to sleep in my bed again, flat on my bed.  i have a hard time sleeping in any position but my side and it's challenging in a hospital bed where everything feels damp and sweaty..

even though it felt like the nurses thought i was crazy and rushing things, i wanted out of there with my 2 men.  

miles in his sweet going home outfit
let's go home, mama!

after being on a 12 hour fast, followed by a 36 hour liquid diet, i was starving.  i wanted to chew food and fill up my tummy like crazy.  we ventured out, baby and all, to cafe rio where i finished my entire burrito.  never have i done that before..

kate was anxious to hold this new baby of hers and she jumped at the chance as soon as we were all settled in at home after dinner.

i'm not sure if it was my fault for bathing him and putting on baby lotion, but miles broke out in the worst case of baby acne!!!!  i have felt guilty wondering if i caused it or if it was just time for this to happen, but poor kid had a horrible face for a few days!

 still the cutest, though ;)
 waiting patiently for daddy time

 have you seen a prouder look on this guy's face?  me either..

 welcome home, miles!!!  we love you and are so overjoyed you're here!!  xoxo

Tuesday, November 6

sleepy beth

the girl was so tuckered out - i found her here, in her laundry basket, with her blanket... she had been playing in her room while kate was at preschool.  i guess she got so tired, this looked like a soft spot to catch some sleep :)  i love this girl so much.

Friday, November 2

halloween 2012

this year, kate wanted to be a mermaid.  try as i might, that meant ariel.  see, i just want her to pick mermaid and stay away from a specific character... because then we end up with crazy, ridiculous, red hair like this:
eh.... she was happy.
ariel took really good care of her teeth, didn't you know?
all ready for preschool
beth was a fish, or if you asked kate, flounder
ariel and "flounder"

we went to the ward trunk or treat halloween night.  the kids marched in the costume parade and we all ate yummy soups and visited with our ward friends.  the girls scored on candy in the parking lot and we went home to bed.