Monday, February 14

weekend project

we found this chair on craigslist.
we liked it.

but not like it was, aka the muppet chair.  weston said he could probably make a new muppet from the fringe once i took it off.

a few years ago, i picked up this lopsided baby for $5 at savers.
i liked it and knew one day it would have a home with us.

some cash, new fabric, and a few hours later...
not perfect, but we like it. 

Wednesday, February 9

kate turns 3

it all started with the invitation.  i was getting ready to work on them and asked kate what kind of party she wanted.  she promptly responded with, "a pink party!"  and we were off.  i started brainstorming of all things pink and was completely stumped at the food.  what kind of food is pink in february?  most of the fruit is out of season, i would have to dye bread (kind of gross), we would be stuck with ham...  things quickly progressed to a treat menu.  and then came the invite:

we invited all of the local family and a few friends.  we all visited for a few minutes while we waited for everyone to arrive.

kate learned how to hold up three fingers.  she also finally learned how to hold up two.
beth ecstatic to see everyone

the decor:
the spread:

this is kate's go-to face when you ask her to smile
 counting the candles to make sure we didn't mess it up
 being bashful while everyone is singing
struggling to blow out the candles - she hasn't quite learned how to blow out air without using her front teeth
eating the cake she picked out

let's open presents!
i love that she finally gets the concept - look at her genuine expression here.  she's actually excited without us coaxing it out of her :)
the thank you hugs
 trying out the gear
it even carried over to the next day - she has not taken these things off since the weekend!

happy birthday, sweet kate!  we love you!

Monday, February 7


kate had beth cracking up the other night after dinner.  she was jumping around in the kitchen while beth was sitting on weston's lap.  that's all it took - jumping kate equals laughing beth.  it was, of course, more heightened before the camera came out, but it was still pretty effective, regardless.  enjoy!  (i hope you can watch and hear it)

this is from a couple of days after, and they were playing together for a few minutes.  kate was knocking on the door from inside the bathroom and when she would swing it open, they would both crack up.  beth loves her big sister, there is no doubt about that!

Sunday, February 6

happy third birthday little kate!!!

there will, of course, be more to come so check back!