Sunday, February 26

i pick you.

 tonight i told kate not to pick her nose and eat her boogers anymore, that she was a big girl, and that if she had to pick it, she needed to wipe them on a tissue instead of eating them.  she said:

but i think it smells like candy

that girl.

*these photos are from christmas, but it's pretty much like being there if you saw her face during our little conversation...

Tuesday, February 21

my man

i am one proud wife!  i spent the wee hours of the night reading old letters i wrote weston and cracking up, but also being so grateful for the lessons we taught each other, the friendship that endured, and the love and commitment we still have for one another.  coincidental (to the trip down memory lane) this profile became available online today and it just reminds me of the blessing my husband is to me.  

i am so proud of him and what he has accomplished.  it has been said that "if you choose to do something you love, you won't work a day in your life."  it has also been said "happy wife, happy life" which i translate to happy husband, happy life... 

either way, they are both fundamentally true, aren't they?  i love you weston, you are my heart, and i am beyond proud of you and what you are doing with your life and for our little family!

*this spot is airing on fuel tv so tune in and see if you can catch it
 directv channel 618
dish channel 398
"check your local listings"

Friday, February 17

i'm itching for a new project.. you would probably be like, "duh" if you follow me.  anyway, we started talking about the girls' room when we have baby #3 

(this is in no way, shape, or form any kind of announcement) 

we will be moving the girls into what is now the playroom (and moving the playroom and my sewing sanctuary back to our extra room at the back of the house)  now while this move and transition will not take place for many many moons, i got this itch to start planning for a new bedroom to plan and execute.  so bear with me and my incessant pins (of bunk beds at the moment) but it's nice to be excited about something these days.  the winter monotony is in full effect...

in the meantime, we will be celebrating president's day and all that entails (wink-wink-nod-nod to weston... an inside joke of sorts) in monroe with our families.  this image is for him (while it is not actually a photo of us, it is still in some way a photo of us... circa 15 years ago.)  

some things never change.

Tuesday, February 14

happy valentine's day!

kate's fall fashion

last fall (remember i'm playing catch up) we decided kate needed some new threads since all of her pants were starting to look like floods or almost-there-capris and her shirts were getting slightly snugger around her tiny tummy.  what started out as a simple trip shopping ended up in a day and a half of shopping back to school sales for our not-in-school toddler.  we obviously couldn't help ourselves.  hey, we saved like 1/3 of our purchases for christmas and birthday gifts... so at least there's that :)

true to weston form, he lined her up against the wall and held an impromptu sunday afternoon toddler fashion shoot.

***there really isn't much point to this post, but i had all these cute/goofy/attitude-filled shots of kate that i wanted to share.  if you don't feel like seeing a bunch of very random photos, you should probably move onto the next blog on your reader...  ;)

the end.

Monday, February 13

beth's first birthday: 09.07.11

yes, you read that right. 

SEPTEMBER!!!!  of 2011!!!!!  i am such a slacker.  but i figured it should at least be documented here on the blog, so if you don't want to read about an event that took place several months ago, i understand.  also, there are going to be WAY too many photos on this entry, but it's a girl's first birthday, she deserves this plethora :)

first up: the invitation

then, the spread
 when it's a baby's birthday, there's not much else to do but eat...

 kate and oliver
ali girl
 the birthday girl, herself!


the gift giving
  beth got a swingset for her birthday
(yes, you are free to laugh at a 1 year old getting her very own swingset)  
it's either they get one at christmas in the snow or february when it's kate's bday
 not sure what to make of all of this
 ok, she's catching on
 kate loves showing beth how to do everything

i had to include this photo because it reminded me too much of a picture of my dad: 
my brothers took this picture, printed it, and hung it from the hotel room bed the night of my wedding... a message for weston???? :)  

back to the party...

time for cake!!!
i tried making little hot air balloons for the cupcakes (we didn't get a picture of all of them, i guess) but the "balloons" were so heavy, they kind of sunk onto the cupcakes... oh well, good effort?
you can see the "balloon" on beths' cake

 i love her face here

 she wasn't shy about digging in

 during the course of cake-eating, beth seemed to periodically get mad at her cake...

 then she just got silly from a sugar high...

at least she had fun with it :)

and finally, finish off the day playing with the new toys

 kate showing karli beth's new doll, just like the one kate got on her first birthday

there's that sugar high again

 awww... sisters
 happy birthday, sweet beth!!!!  we love you!