Monday, January 21

sunday naps

what is so magical about sunday afternoons that lend themselves so perfectly for naps?
i don't know, but we take full advantage over here.
 kate decided it was a good time to wake up miles and daddy..

 that face..

 and this face..

Friday, January 11

board & batten

with christmas over and the snow sticking around like it does, i was in a big mood for organization and projects.  i opened up my pinboards  and took a look-see at what i had been wanting to do.

enter: board and batten

my entryway was dark and underutilized.. we have a cubby from ikea, as you can see on the right, but with a small coat closet, it would be nice to have some hooks for seasonal jackets/coats instead of trying to cram everything into the small closet.  and plus, it just looks pretty!  and there are all kinds of tutorials out there on pinterest, so i won't bore you with the details.  

i didn't take great documenting photos, but you'll get the gist here.

 sort of before / more of a during
i just removed the existing trim, did a lot of measuring and re-measuring, cut, and screwed.
 after with kate 
 and after with stuff

much better utilization of the space, architectural interest, pretty to look at - check, check, check! :)