Thursday, July 29

More from the Eastern Bloc

Kiev, Ukraine

I just posted a bunch of photos from my trip.  Go to my blog to have a look-sy:


Monday, July 19

Paris in Black and White

I had an 18 hour layover in Paris last week on my way to Ukraine.  If anyone is interested in seeing some photos from Paris, go to my blog here and take a look.

Wednesday, July 14

kate's curly hair

once in awhile, when i have a few extra minutes, i will curl kate's wispy hair.  she doesn't love this curl-time, but does pretty well and let's me do the job without much complaint.
of course these couple of photos wouldn't leave you thinking that - look at that solitary tear hanging out on her cheek :)
what a drama queen - already :)
sitting so pretty on her chair
all done, complete with a pretty (we obviously had some time before church if weston had a few minutes to snap these shots)
we think she's pretty much the cutest thing on the planet!

Tuesday, July 13

4th of july 2010

we spent the 4th in richfield again this year.  as with most (if not all?) cities in the state, the 4th was celebrated on the 5th.  perhaps state agencies just wanted monday off?   i guess celebrating saturday, the 3rd, wouldn't have given them an extra day out of the office :)  whatever, it worked for me - giving weston one more day to the weekend :)

watching the parade in the bright morning sun
kate kept her shades on for most of the parade
annie, oliver, and chad
waiting to catch candy
showing kate how to snag the goods - for some reason she just wasn't very aggressive about this...
holding her "bear circle" - smokey the bear was tossing out frisbees

after the parade, we joined up with the rest of the town of central and had lunch at their celebration in the park.  it was a delicious lunch of burgers, fruits, veggies, salads, and frozen treats.  kate did a great job in her race this year (she was so very excited and kept asking, "did i run so fast, mama?")  

weston ran in his age bracket (30 to 79) and i think he won!
it was a tight finish between him and brad - but you can see him out in front at the finish line here
(he's the head in the middle of the picture)
annie and oliver
sophie sporting kate's glasses

chad in the sun
kate's red popsicle lips - headed home from the park

we stayed in town to watch the fireworks and then headed home to PG that night.  kate and sophie had a lot of fun with grandpa's box of sparklers before things started and they entertained each other with giggles and screaming "POP!!!" during the show.  we had a great weekend with family and food, and of course some golf, and are so grateful for the country in which we live!!!

Thursday, July 1

the girls' room

did i really just say "the girls'?"  how strange.  but that is what we'll have pretty soon.  weston and all his girls.

i wanted to spruce up the room since we aren't trying to paint anywhere in our new place, and i really needed to add color and some things to pull the room together.  i think it's still kind of a work in progress, but here's what i've done so far.

i sincerely apologize for the high-quality photos, not to mention the poor attempt to string them together, but at least you'll get the idea...

the west side of the room

the east side

i made some bunting out of scraps of the dozens of quilt projects i've done, using cheery colors that are mostly found in the room. 
it runs all the way around the room (it's lower on the wall on the west side and higher on the east).  i also painstakingly made the tulle poms hanging in the corner above the rocker. 
after making them, i thought i would have rather had the 3 out of the same color, just different shades (like 3 shades of the yellow, for example).  however, now that they've been hanging for a bit, i think the colors have grown on me.  i hung the shelf above kate's bed (this shelf used to be in our living room but it works really well in here now) and am filling it with special things for these girls.
the white frames were in kate's old room and we need to replace the pictures (one of those things i hope to someday get around to doing - the photos were supposed to be replaced after kate was born, too ... you can see how well that turned out!)  i made the hanging b for new baby and hung kate's k on the wall, too.  i need to make some real curtains (please ignore the stuffed blackout sheet in the window - totally temporary way to get some light in the room for these photos) :)  that's about it for now!  any other suggestions?  i'm open to them!

here are some shots of the quilt i made for baby #2

it's a little busy, but i love how it turned out

a little more detail

finished crib bedding

and the big sister, herself!