Friday, March 2

she speaks!

just when i was so worried about beth not talking that i started googling stuff, it hit her.  
she started to finally say words.  
she has the most adorable baby chatter i've ever heard, but i do love hearing her say actual words.  

she has been saying dada for MONTHS now but finally, about a month ago, started to say mama (melt my heart, little one!)  
after dada and mama, we are very sad to report that her THIRD word was


can you even believe it?  
we kept kate in the dark from tv or movie characters (including all those princesses) until she was at least 2.  
she never even knew there was a dora!  
but, being a second sibling, beth has picked up on all of those peeps right away.  
last week, for example, she started saying "ar-el" while carrying around an ariel doll 
and "bah-bel" while holding rapunzel.

oh. boy.

she started saying yogurt, and oddly enough, she is using the same "word" for it that big sister used:


she can also say diaper (di-duh), sock (ssssss), kitty (ke-ke), kate (k-k... we are calling her KK right now so beth can learn how to use the front of her mouth for k's instead of learning to say tate), 

car (ca), coat (goat), banana (nana), bath (baf), bread (breh), backpack (ba-pa)
ow, uh-oh, baby, juice, and shoe (which she actually says correctly)

we are really working on body parts, but so far she only really knows teeth and nose.

it's funny how different these two girls are; they both fit the stereotypes for their sibling positions.
keep on truckin' beth!  one day soon you will be as chatty as your big sister and we'll long for the quiet days of only one verbal child ;)