Saturday, June 22

vivint summer party

weston's department had a summer party for employees and their families held at the provo beach resort.  we had about 2 hours to do whatever we wanted, so after grabbing a quick bite and a couple rides on the merry go round, we took the girls upstairs for some bowling.

kate's got a great technique - just look at that foot turnout ;)
beth cheering her sister on
 beth's ready for her turn
and once that turn is over, quickly realizes the concept of actually taking turns.

after several frames, we headed downstairs to the arcade and let the girls pick whatever games they wanted (the company had provided payment for all the activities, so we could go for anything - it was really great)  the girls took their turn on dance dance revolution.  it was basically a riot - kate was just jumping on all the arrows while beth stood in the center and twirled like a ballerina :)

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